Tracey Browne’s ‘The Doctrine of Song’: One Remarkable Music Strategy

Tracey Browne-jpg.comImpressive, with first class production, is the only way to describe The Doctrine of Song, the forthcoming album from UK-based singer, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist Tracey Browne. Available now for preorder, to be released Sept. 21, 2017, the artist has recorded ten new music tracks which quickly will make you a fan. With cover art by Tamzin Forster and design by Becca Williams, this only marks the beginning of The Doctrine of Song story.

About the Music

“Compliance,” the 3:44 opening cut, features a commanding, syncopated rhythm; an amped up baritone guitar line; and Browne’s spotless, mesmeric vocal harmonies. With skilled musical contributors providing backup, the artist has created an intriguing melody via anTracey endlessly addictive groove. “Compliance” is one of the reasons The Doctrine of Song belongs as a contender in the best indie album of the year category.

In another highlight, “As Far As the Heart Can See,” Browne delivers a warm, radio-friendly FM rock quality, perhaps along the lines of Aimee Mann or Sheryl Crow, but with a deeper reaching vocal range. An expert musician, the acoustic-electric-folk-rock-pop singer clearly has a distinct sound, no matter the song style.

In the Music Mix     

The sound and recording quality are immaculate on each track. That being said, The Doctrine of Song was produced by Nigel Stonier and Seadna McPhail at Airtight Studios, Manchester. The album was engineered by Seadna McPhail and mastered by Alan Lowles, also at Airtight Studios. Tracey Browne is the executive producer.

Assorted Listening Options

Tracey Browne’s The Doctrine of Song is available as a 12″ vinyl LP, compact disc, MP3 and FLAC downloads, streaming and more, as well as signed copies.

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