Music Awareness for Indies!: 3 Easy Tips media has the potential to be the largest source of online exposure and recognition for most indie artists. Plus, have you seen the rising popularity of indie net radio lately? So why put up roadblocks where none are needed. The whole idea is to spread the word about your creativity, which includes being accessible to fans and friends. Here are three helpful items based on firsthand experience:


  • Album

    • You would be surprised how many times a musician or band’s web page will refer to a “debut” or “new release” and never actually mention the name of the work. Remember the goal is to get your music out there.
  • Use An EPK

    • Even if you are just starting out, have an electronic press kit available, especially for interviews and music reviews. The kit, which can be listed on a blog, website, or made available upon request as an attachment, includes professional photographs, links to music videos, a career summary, bio and any notable performances.
  • Recognize the Artists

    • After creating the music, you deserve proper acknowledgement. Each musician involved with making a professional recording should be cited in the credits, including the producer, engineer and any guest appearances. Of course, mentioning songwriting credits always is a must.

Video: ‘How to easily create an EPK with Bandzoogle’ – Bandzoogle/YouTube.

Image: ‘Silhouettes of Musicians’ – Alexander Kiko, Apr. 6, 2009/Creative Commons/usage does not constitute endorsement. 


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