‘Laughing With The Raindrops’ Music Review: Smooth Perfection

Laughing with the Raindrops-jpg.comBritish jazz is alive and well thanks to albums like Laughing With The Raindrops. The self-titled debut from the London-based ensemble contains ten original tracks which are musically warm and accessible while artistically nuanced. Recorded at the prominent Clowns Pocket Recording Studio and produced by acclaimed UK jazz artist Derek Nash, who also appears on the collection, you know the music has to be good.

Rhythm, Harmony and Melody

Contemporary, soothing and occasionally fusion-like, with a samba jazz-bossa nova vibe, are some of the ways to describe Laughing With The Raindrops. The group’s sound involves “Real instruments, real players” and is “one-hundred percent original.” Yes and that shows in more ways than one. The opening track, “Did I Miss My Cue?,” is a funky, wah-filled cut which grooves with a restrained bluesy charm. Lyricist, guitarist and lead singer Virginie Lacour-Puiboube’s distinctly wistful vocals make the song something special. Complete with grade-A bandmates and backing vocalists, the chic arrangement is highly addictive.

Released in 2016, another standout from the collection, “Terra Incognita,” approaches sophisticated pop, but never really crosses that threshold. The song is a blend of harmonic progressions with an amazing horn section and singers, who together add a Chicago meets jazzed-out Steely Dan quality. Meanwhile, the keyboards are as light as a cloud, gently floating beneath the mix. “Any Joke” also features a stellar piano intro followed by hauntingly beautiful saxophone leads. Plus, check out that bass. But there is more to hear.Laughing with the raindrop-jpg.com

In the Rotation

Released as a single, “That Angolan Guy” continues to receive radio air play in the UK. A catchy refrain, vibrant chorus and an upbeat tempo help make this number a winner. Meanwhile, the title track is expertly polished and buffed with a songwriter’s poetic sincerity. Of course, we could keep talking about the terrific musicianship, brilliant arrangements and outstanding production of each song. Then there is Lacour-Puiboube’s wonderfully cool but soulful voice. But you will have to listen for yourself. With cover and inner art work, including liner notes, the CD features an attractive photo collage and lyrics. All songs were composed and arranged by Virginie Lacour-Puiboube; “Terra Incognita” arranged by Alexander Keen.

Official Site: http://laughingwiththeraindrops.com/
Reverbnation” https://www.reverbnation.com/laughingwiththeraindrops
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LaughRaindrops
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-764943385
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2O3KsvHzJAnCFAMCwtptyQ
ArtistPR EPK: http://www.artistpr.com/members/laughing-with-the-raindrops/


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