Bombnivores: Innovative Experimentalists

Bombnivores-jpg.comThe music typically tests the boundaries of contemporary prog rock, jazz and electronica through inventive compositions and an often hypnotic buzz. Guided by a blend of keyboards, bass, drums and samples, the Bombnivores defy the norm with the band’s latest album, In Tension. Released in May, the collection contains ten post-rock originals which fall somewhere between Radiohead and Sepalcure. But there is more.

About the Songs

The Bombnivores’ Jamie Larade (drums, samples, bass) and Sheldon Kelly (vocals, keys, bass) tend to push the imagination to the outer limits by way of various tones, tempos and song structure. If there is any doubt, just take a listen to the opening track from In Tension, “Cycle Through,” where modest wraithlike vocals and a driving, syncopated beat combine for a hypnotically inviting listening experience. Meanwhile, deftly played, but muted bass line synth work, adds depth to the alternative mix. Surely, this is not the same form and instrumentation you hear in traditional rock music on the FM

“Distributive Abyss,” a 3:17 glitch-influenced instrumental, reveals how the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based duo’s musical power rests in the band’s brilliant use of rhythms, drum beats and uniquely creative bass parts. While flawlessly recorded, the track achieves an altered state of imaginative consciousness in the midst of several time changes. Better yet, the song has an excellent accompanying video produced by Toronto production house, Boom Shoal Enterprises, featuring Larade and Kelly. The band’s sonic trails and distortion play well on video, thanks to Boom Shoals.

Bombnivores-jpg.comMore Music Picks

Never confined by artistic boundaries, the brief but repeating keyboard intro of “Android Crush” emits a cool jazz feel, before a highly percussive drum pattern and mesmeric vocals take hold. The result is a surreal but accessible journey. Another favorite, “Invading Your Space,” has an eerie addictive appeal, while “Mute Tone” is moody and evocative. But only so much can be said in words. For more about the Bombnivores, check out the album In Tension or visit the band’s Bandcamp website.


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