Music Review: The Black Delta Movement

The Black Delta

The Black Delta Movement-jpg.comPsychedelic garage post-punk intensity permeates the single “King Mosquito,” from The Black Delta Movement’s debut album Preservation. Set for release on Mar. 30th and recorded at London’s Love Buzz Studios®, with Little Barrie collaborator Mike Burnham, go ahead and crank up the volume toward a full dose of first-rate musicianship and production. Listen closely as The BDM reels off a mix of indie music amplitude and authenticity. But there is more to the story.

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The five second intro to “King Mosquito,” the third cut off of Preservation, is a thick rough and ready riff featuring a single electric guitar with raw abrasive power. The drums suddenly launch into a rhythmic tirade as a second guitar begins to sting by way of sparse but mesmeric high voltage single-string fills. The drone-like bass adds hypnotic rumble to the song’s cadence. Meanwhile, the psychedelic feel retains a punkish abandon and energy, which renders the music so inviting. This only begins to describe the 2:33 song.

                                                                             **Listen to ‘King Mosquito’**

The vocals stay mostly mid-range, while the band works to a feverish pace. The instrumentation isThe Black Delta unyielding as the singer succinctly shouts “King Mosquito!” in less than four syllables. The eccentric vocal work conveys an amusing charm, adding depth to the recording and completing The Black Delta Movement sound. In addition to the singing, production stands out as a highlight unto itself. You can clearly hear the separation of instruments during the entire track. Besides having warm clarity, the sonic characteristics of the recording are a pleasure to hear on good headphones or a home stereo system.

                                                                                 Other Tuneage

Among the album’s titles, “Deceit,” with lo-fi flavored vocals and a catchy rock beat, is another winner. Driving intermittent guitar play provided in the right channel enhances the stereophonic space. At 2:09, everything briefly stops to make way for a few quick notes, lower than the song’s bassline, before resuming. “Hot Coals” is a compelling, almost trippy grind with terrific syncopated bass work. “Let The Rain Come” has an industrial noise quality; “For You” is a slower, underground melodic cut. All things considered, Preservation is a recommended choice.

The Black Delta Movement-jpg.comHailing from Kingston upon Hull, England, The Black Delta Movement is Matt Burr and Dominic Abbott. Available on vinyl, CD and iTunes, Preservation was recorded and mixed by Mike Burnham; produced by Mike Burnham and Matt Burr. The album was mastered by Pete Maher and released through the Clubbed Thumb Records label.

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