Music Interviews: Damian Sage

Damian Sage-jpg.comLos Angeles singer-songwriter Damian Sage returns to New York in April, when the musician looks to put the finishing touches on a forthcoming EP with renowned producer/mixer, Godfrey Diamond. Diamond, who co-wrote, performed and recorded the mega hit “More, More, More,” by The Andrea True Connection, has produced albums for everyone from Lou Reed to Aerosmith and others.

For Sage, music has always been a driving force, even when he was living on the streets with only a guitar by his side. A remarkable soloist and multi-instrumentalist both live and in the studio, his long-term plan is to reach as many people as possible, letting them know they are not alone. To promote his message, the musician has a number of appearances scheduled ahead of the EP release. Sage was a part of manager Vicky Hamilton’s Appetite for Dysfunction book launch at NYC’s The Cutting Room last October. chatted with Damian Sage and Vicky Hamilton. 

Your previous trip to New York led to some exciting developments. Can you talk a little about that? 

Damian: The New York showcase at The Cutting Room was really great. Being from New York, it was so nice to be back and see some old friends. I loved the venue and was honored to be asked by Vicky [Hamilton] to play.Damian Then, shortly after returning to Los Angeles, she said she’d like to work with me. So, we signed a deal and made it official. She’s a great person and a great manager. Vicky has been keeping me busy for sure.

You recently appeared at The Springboard West Music Festival in SoCal’s Ocean Beach and the Hot Licks Radio Show with Lina Lecaro. How did things go?

I was extremely excited to be part of the Springboard bill. In addition to performing, I had the opportunity to see some great panels about the music business. I was able to play one of my tracks for four music supervisors and get their feedback. They all liked it, which was awesome. Vicky set up the Hot Licks show for me and a fellow band on her roster, Love Past Blue. Lina [Lecaro] was great, very welcoming and we were made to feel right at home. We did a short interview and I played one of my songs live on the air.

Talk about your appearance on the Badass Podcast.

As for that Badass Podcast, I did enjoy the laid back aspect of it. We just sat there talking, while drinking wine. I played a few songs and we even did a jam together on The Rolling Stones song, ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Damian Sage-jpg.comWant.’ One of the first people I met in Los Angeles, Taylor Alexander, runs the Badass Podcast, so we were just two friends talking life, music and all that jazz. He’s an amazing musician too, so people should check him out.

How did you initially meet Damian?

Vicky: I met Damian through another musician he was in a band with. Damian told me that he was developing a barebones singer-songwriter set and I really saw the potential of his writing.

What did you hear in Damian’s music?

He has a very real, down-to -earth, no bullshit type of vibe to his writing that comes off like a modern day Johnny Cash. In the six months we have been working together, I’ve watched him grow so much as a writer and a performer. No one can deny his voice.Damian

Would you say he has a distinct way of doing things?

Damian is a very stylistically strong, yet mournful singer and I’m sure that audiences find their truth in his songs. I’m very excited to see what his future holds. His new recordings are some of his best songs ever. You will see.




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