Pasa Flora Music Review: Poignant Lasting Impressions

Pasa Flora-jpg.comThe new single from Pasa Flora, “Home’s Not A Place, It’s A Memory,” is a measured, ambient electro-flavored melody ringing out with heartfelt pain. A modern, electric ode to a broken relationship, Pasa Flora’s gravity of emotion is clear. The sometimes trippy production positively stands out on a large stereo system. But “Home’s Not A Place, It’s A Memory,” is about more than the words and music.

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The ten second intro to “Home’s Not A Place, It’s A Memory,” reaches a quick crescendo before the pace is set and the vocal work begins. The singing is moody and emotive up against the metered rate and depth, which adds to the song’s musical sustain and expression. The rhythm battery’s drum and bass are just as sensitive, yet intense. Underneath the mix, which Pasa Flora describes as “lo-fi psychedelic rock,” brilliantly strummed guitar phrases and solos provide consistency and atmosphere. At 2:30, the fret work soars towards the heavens in sadness.

                                                                                    From the Heart Pasa

After hearing “Home’s Not A Place, It’s A Memory,” there is no equivocating on the lyrics, which include the lines “All I ever wanted was you by my side, I thought that we had time…drain another silent cup, all I had was not enough.” A personal singer-songwriter’s touch is maintained throughout the 3:32 track, about a lost love, perhaps that was never meant to be. Only the two hearts involved will ever know the answer.

                                                               The Man Behind The Music

Pasa Flora is multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Chris Le Roy. Available on Spotify, all words and music to “Home Is Not A Place, It’s A Memory” are by Le Roy. The Brighton, England-based musician released the single “You Left When” in April, which conveys a similar musical style.


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