Chanty Très-vain’s ‘Home’ Interview: A Subtle Balance of Cultures, Music and Candor

Chanty Très-vain-jpg.comThe music video for the single “Home,” from singer-songwriter Chanty Très-vain, has an unassuming yet distinct way of holding a viewer’s attention. Where an artist like Lana Del Rey often touches on the larger semiotics of popular culture, Très-vain is unpretentious and personally frank about living as a “third culture kid” within the European Union. The lyrics suggest home is a place where allegiances of the heart exist, a heavier topic than your average playful pop song. But this is only the beginning of the story.

             About The Music

“Home” opens with a strummed acoustic stop-time guitar riff which cycles throughout the recording. An invitingChanty Trè syncopated rhythm sets the stage for Très-vain’s restrained vocal delivery and inflections. The time changes to a quicker signature at :36, when a steadier driving rock beat takes hold. “Should I go back to the country I never called home?” asks Très-vain. That seems to be a pretty big load to carry. The inner turmoil is apparent, thanks to an effectively innate artistic style. The track pauses at 2:50 before regrouping for a final exit.

Radio-friendly and released on the Schlimbum Records label, the accompanying music video for “Home” is engaging, well-shot and edited and a perfect complement to the song. You cannot help but feel the Brighton and Hove-based singer has a quietly strong presence on the screen. With immigration saturating world headlines, the release of “Home” is well-timed and spot on.

                                                                               A Conversation With The Artist spoke with Chanty Très-vain about “Home,” Schlimbum records and more.

The accompanying video for “Home” conveys a documentary style of honesty. What was the inspiration for the song?

Chanty Très-vain-jpg.comI am a “third culture kid.” I grew up in a culture that is different from my family’s culture. I feel loyalty to both while finding it difficult to answer the question, “Where are you from?” I went through a bit of an identity crisis a few years ago, but found comfort in the fact that no matter what happened, I was still connected to both of them through the European Union. However, in June of 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the union. This inspired “Home,” because the only safety net I had in terms of belonging and the one thing I found comfort in, would soon be gone. The song is me trying to figure out where my loyalties lie, where I should live and where to call home.

Do you perform all of the vocal work? Did you also write the lyrics?

I performed all of the vocals and also wrote the lyrics. Honesty in lyrics is something that I hold very dear and that I strive for in my songs, so it’s important to me that I write the lyrics.Chanty Trè

Where was “Home” recorded? Who produced the track?

“Home” was recorded in London and produced by Minky Très-vain of Brain Ape.

Released on the Schlimbum records label, can you tell us about “Scratch Rock?”

Scratch Rock is the genre that Schlimbum Records puts all of their artists under. It means that we have the freedom to explore any genre that we wish, without being forced to conform to styles that we previously produced. My songs tend to fluctuate between genres and so being able to Schlimbum have this freedom of creating whatever sound I wish is very reassuring.

We have to ask, who is the Siberian Alien?

I don’t think anyone really knows. He is just there, willing to provide some excellent drumming when required. And then disappear again until he is needed once more.

Who are the musicians on “Home” and what instruments do they play?

I perform the vocals and guitar. Minky Très-vain, who produced “Home,” also played guitar, bass and piano. The Siberian Alien played the drums.

What’s next for Chanty Très-vain? Could there be an EP or album on the horizon?

There is more news coming in the next few months. I can’t mention, but rest assured there will be more.

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