The Bard of Ely Explains: ‘Where Does All The Plastic Go?’

Bard of Ely-jpg.comThe satirical charm of musician and writer Steve Andrews is irrepressible and instantly engaging in the video that accompanies the song “Where Does All the Plastic Go?” Known as The Bard of Ely, with a Billy Gibbons-style beard and assorted hats, the singer-songwriter’s appearance and winning music delivery almost outshines the larger protest question, “Where Does All the Plastic Go?” Nevertheless, the troublesome destiny of plastic pollution in the environment is the Welsh Bard’s main message here.

“Where Does All the Plastic Go?” was produced by Jayce Lewis, who has worked with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen. Jayce also toured supporting Gary Numan. No wonder the music sounds so good. Filmed in Portugal, the video was directed by Filipe Rafael.

“Where Does All the Plastic Go?” is available for download and streaming at Reverb Nation, or you can listen on Soundcloud and  Spotify.      


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