DOMI Emerges with Promising Debut Single and Video

DOMI-jpg.comThe hypnotizing bassline and crisp recording mix, alternating between speaker channels, will likely have you hooked on DOMI’s single, “Let Me Follow.” The vocal work lends to a mysterious but danceable alternative pop music blend by way of a “Westworld” Dolores Abernathy take. What’s more, the accompanying video for “Let Me Follow,” filmed and edited by director Ruy Okamura, is compelling, contemporary and tells a story.  But there is more to DOMI’s “Let Me Follow.”

The Music

Alternative popsters like DOMI are inclined to be a bit more thought-provoking than typical top-forty chart toppers. At times, “Let Me Follow” moves towards intoxicating subtleties and sonic beauty without ever getting too far there. Near the 1:25 mark, the time signature changes to a faster meter and more intense delivery while remaining listener friendly. But DOMI is searching for meaning in an ominous world looking to define itself. The song lyrics, “Open up your eyes, stop looking for shelter to hide, but we can’t hide, cause we’ll always be in their sight,” reveals an unsettling set of circumstances.

DOMI-jpg.comIn a musical Rorschach sort of way, “Let Me Follow,” released Jan. 25, 2019, is open for explanation through individual awareness. According to DOMI, the 3:44 cut “Evolved giving the track ambiguity and the listener the freedom to form their own personal interpretation.” Drawing influence from some members of the group’s home countries, you could say “Let Me Follow” is where Norwegian pop meets British electronic.

DOMI is Dominika Hasek; Jostein Braaten; Casper Hatlestad; Benjamin Rekstad and Jemma Freese.

Watching the Visuals

The 4:29 video for “Let Me Follow” features six actors in a plot involving friendship, crime, drama and the impact of a seemingly what-have-I-gotten-myself-into moment. Before long, you get the feeling the central character is in over her head. In a relatively short time, Okamura’s imagery reveals intriguing character development and a convincing drama. All of this adds up to a video with an ability to attract interest while holding attention. Meanwhile, DOMI’s music fits like a glove with the narrative.

DOMI has delivered a winning vision of sight and sound. For these reasons and more, “Let Me Follow” is a recommended pick.

Directed by Ruy Okarmura, the cast for the “Let Me Follow” video includes Lucie Duchácková – Alice; Denis Safarík – Derick; Janek Gregor – Max; Veronika Svozílková – Charlotte; Stepán Popelka – Chris; and Milan Vojtyla – Dad.

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4 thoughts on “DOMI Emerges with Promising Debut Single and Video

  1. Good job Paul , awesome interview Next time I’m in NYC, we should go get together and watch a band or something have a pint , Impressive

    Wyatt Pauley

    On Fri, Feb 22, 2019, 11:05 AM Music Interview Magazine® wrote:

    > Paul J Wolfle posted: ” > The > hypnotizing bassline and crisp recording mix, alternating between speaker > channels, will likely have you hooked on DOMI’s single, “Let Me Follow.” > The vocal work lends to a mysterious” >

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