The Rah’s Rock New ‘Land Of The Dreamers’ Song and Video

The Rah's-jpg.comSmart rock rhythm, penetrating six-string distortion and a somewhat trippy fervor dominates The Rah’s latest single, “Land Of The Dreamers.” Add the gritty vocals and soon the original material reaches a higher listening level. Things get even better by way of a first-rate music video filmed and edited by L.B. Coronado. Hailing from Prestonpans, Scotland, The Rah’s music is gaining traction among enthusiasts who are on the hunt for something special. Here is why.

Out For A Spin

“Land Of The Dreamers” opens with a :15 single-string intro infused with delay, a low rumble drone and understated vocal chanting, before the arrangement finally explodes into first gear. The steadiness of the driving bassline and drumming creates a wickedly good rhythm battery up against the unrelenting guitars. The separation of instruments sounds clear and makes for great listening on stereo speakers as well as headphones. But like any good rock song, this is only half the story.

Released Mar. 1, 2019 on the EH32 Records label, the cranked instrumentation to “Land Of The Dreamers”The Rah' provides the perfect launching pad for the potent singing, eventually elevating the cut into stellar orbit. The vocals emit an overwhelming anthemic rock power which feels good to hear and is just another reason why The Rah’s can be described as an independent band with a bigtime sound. No wonder the group is garnering attention.

As far as arrangement and performance goes, a brief slowed down interlude at 2:28 has the bass, guitars and drums rebuilding the layer one-by-one before moving on. The lyrics “So come on, tell me what you’re planning, what you’re thinking now…land of the dreamers…it just might be the difference between us” helps set the music narrative.

The pumped fretwork and pounding zeal provide a strong chart-topping friendliness to “Land Of The Dreamers,” The Rah's-jpg.comwhile retaining that edgy rock character. What matters anymore seems to be a frequently asked question in music. Right now, the answer is The Rah’s.

The Rah’s are Jack McLeod – lead vocals, guitar; Jordan McIntyre – guitar, backing vocals; Lee Brown – bass, backing vocals; and Neale Gray – drums, percussion.

Watching The Song

The accompanying video for “Land Of The Dreamers” brings out the nature of the music through a clever stylized presentation, including layer masks, color control and various exposure settings. The band comes across as playful, but to be taken seriously. A forest setting among an army of tall thin trees lends to the magic.

As the music plays, the outdoor autumn imagery transitions from moss covered trees to the shore and back again. In this instance, The Rah’s are the ones who move in and out of reality on the screen and into the “Land Of The Dreamers.”

Read more about The Rah’s here.

“Land Of The Dreamers” was recorded at Chamber Studios, Edinburgh; produced and mixed by James Darkin, (Dublin); and mastered by Pete Maher (London).

Look for The Rah’s UK concert dates. Contact The Rah’s –

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General Manager – Adrian Thompson


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