New Music Song Review: Tremendous – ‘Open for Closing’

Written by Jacqueline Lademann

The future of good, old-fashioned rock n roll is safe, so long as bands like Tremendous are on the scene. The group’s latest track, “Open for Closing,” released Apr. 12, will crack listeners up. It’s loud, rockin’ and catchy as hell. You are entering major ear worm territory with this one.

Tremendous-jpg.comProduced by Gavin Monaghan (Kings of Leon/Editors/Rob Plant), “Open For Closing” suggests a bright future for Tremendous. If the new track is anything like the forthcoming album Relentless, due for release in September, the Birmingham, England-based musicians are looking at a hit just waiting to happen.

Previous Tremendous music favorites include “Rock ‘n’ Roll Satellite” and “Slipping Away.” Listing such music gods as T-Rex and Bowie among the group’s influences, Tremendous pays tribute to these legends in the best possible way, by making great music. No wonder Tremendous has caught the eye of Asylum Entertainment, which signed the band to a deal. Enthusiasts are bound to hear more from Tremendous.

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