Press Club’s ‘Late Teens’ Tour Interview

Written by Jacqueline Lademann

Full of energy and pumping out killer tracks, Press Club has made a considerable impact on the Australian music scene in a relatively short time. The Melbourne-based band’s debut album, Late Teens, with songs about angst and injustices of the world at large, is popular among listeners. Nearly every concert sells out immediately. Music fans cannot get enough of Press Club.

Press Club-jpg.comPress Club is about to jet off for the band’s first UK tour, which includes other parts of Europe. Press Club is Natalie Foster – lead vocals; Greg Rietwyk – guitar; Frank Lees – drums; and Rufio MacRae – bass.

          An Interview With Press Club’s Natalie Foster

Lead singer Natalie Foster was good enough to sit down and have a chat with us about Press Club, the band’s music, the upcoming tour and more.

Welcome to and thanks for chatting with us. For listeners just discovering Press Club, how would you describe your music?

Natalie Foster: My housemate calls it accessible punk. I’d just say its guitar driven, female fronted, fast, frenetic and honest.

Coming from Brunswick, in Melbourne, how much has the local music scene influenced you? Has it madePress it easier or harder?

Seeing bands that you know and love kicking goals and playing bigger and bigger shows is pretty awe inspiring. I remember watching Ceres at a sold out Max Watt’s and being so excited for them. Literally the nicest people ever and they chose to have us play with them. It makes shit a lot easier having great bands around you to play shows with.

We love your debut album Late Teens, which continues to be a huge hit here in Oz. What kind of reaction is your song getting overseas?

It’s hard to know for sure. But it’s pretty sick getting messages from people on the other side of the world giving us love. We’re about to find out in real life though.

Press Club’s songs carry a message about various issues facing young people. Is this something we can look forward to hearing more of into the future?

I think the issues we face, as a young person continues through into being an adult, you just have more of an understanding of them. I write about times or events that have affected me and the people around me. About things that make me think and things that make me want to be a better person.

Press Club-jpg.comPress Club is fantastic live. I had the privilege of seeing a show at the Tote Hotel in November. The energy exchange between you and the crowd was the best I have seen in a while. What’s your favourite part about performing?

Thanks. That was a ripper show. I think no matter how shit I feel before a gig, the energy and excitement that comes from the crowd and the band can take it all away in a heartbeat. It’s also a pretty great release throwing your body around a stage and losing yourself in something you love. An hour goes by so fast.

You have a great work ethic. What is your secret for staying so sharp and energized on tour?

Ha-ha. Yeah we crammed around 80 shows into last year. Sleep; exercise; eat healthy. No yelling off the stage. Get your alone time. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t get sick. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t get in your head. Don’t drink too much. Don’t overthink all the things that you should or shouldn’t be doing.

Congratulations on the upcoming tour of the UK and Europe. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you?

It’s a big tour with a shitload of shows in a place I’ve never been, so I’m going between a 3 and a 10 every hour, nervous and excited, with a hint of dread.

Thanks again for your time.

See you in a month.

Press Club is one of those bands that has an indefinable something about them which means that the sky could be the limit. No doubt, the group is headed for a stellar career.

For more about Press Club visit:



Band Site




 Here are Press Club’s current UK/European tour dates for 2019:

Apr. 16 (Tues.) – The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham, UK

Apr. 17 (Weds.) – Hy Brasil Music Club, Bristol, UK

Apr. 18 (Thurs.) – Think Tank? Underground, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Apr. 19 (Fri.) – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, UK

Apr. 19 (Fri.) through Sun. Apr.21 – Manchester Punk Fest 2019, Manchester, UK

Apr. 22 (Mon.) – Helios37, Cologne, Germany;

April 23 (Tues.) – Hafenkneipe, Zurich, Switzerland

Apr. 24 (Weds.) – Storm, Munich, Germany;

Apr. 25 (Thurs.) – Stummsche Reithalle, Neunkirchen, Germany

Apr. 26 (Fri.) through Apr. 28 (Sun.) – Goroezrock 2019, Meerhout, Belgium

Apr. 27 (Sat.) Molotow, Hamburg, Germany

Apr. 29 (Mon.) – SO36, Berlin, Germany;

Apr.30 (Tues.) – Uncle M Fest 2019, Munster, Germany

May 2 (Thurs.) – The Islington, London, UK

May 3 (Fri) – Dark Horse Moseley, UK

May 5 (Sun.) – Multiple Venues, Glasgow, UK;

May 8 (Weds.) – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, UK

May 12 (Sun.) – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London, UK

Aug. 23 (Fri.) through Aug. 25 (Sun.) – Leeds Festival, Wetherby, UK


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