Chanty Très-vain Provides Bittersweet Reflection In ‘Miss My Friend’

Chanty Très-vain-jpg.comMusing while immersed in sincerity, the new song from Chanty Très-vain, “Miss My Friend,” conveys an ode of affection and emptiness. Yet Très-vain brings something a bit more musically attentive and pensive than most. Released Apr. 26, 2019, on the Schlimbum Records label, listen closely for the nuanced tendencies in Très-vain’s vocal style. Fleeting elements of sadness only add to the recording artist’s authenticity. Here is how.

Lingering but lonely acoustic strumming sets the mood by way of precise timing and tone during the intro to “Miss My Friend.” The guitar is pleasant in itself throughout the 5:42 track, with acoustic chording complimenting Très-vain’s solo distinctiveness. Though the lyrics begin, “Here I am, sitting alone, writing out this song, like I said I would,” in this case, whether the singer lived the words does not matter. Très-vain’s music has integrity and an earnest ring.

The fret work and vocals are joined at 1:00 by an electric bass and a drummer as the composition builds.Chanty Trè Meanwhile, the instrumentation is clear and warm. The guitar strumming, bass and drums are separate yet matched within the mix. At some points, the steadier beat lends to a rock feel. The full band prompts delivery of Très-vain’s finesse. Production avoids overshadowing any vocals. Keep in mind this is just Chanty with no backing singers. Vocal gymnastics are surely needed to hit the high notes on some of Très-vain’s lyrical inflections.

Adding to Très-vain’s 2018 single “Home,” also a Schlimbum Records release, about being a third culture kid, rock, pop listeners and others will find the singer has continued her unique, sensitive style in “Miss My Friend.” Unassuming yet expressive, the message is clear. Très-vain has succeeded in achieving a particular honesty in music. Add the accessible feelings and a memorable melody and “Miss My Friend” is a recommended pick.

Chanty Très-vain-jpg.comIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then the “Miss My Friend” video speaks volumes. The real life imagery features Très-vain inside a modest apartment, which includes a black cat sculpture on the shelf. The dim lighting, often off to one side, makes for an almost sepia tone type atmosphere while Très-vain’s facial expressions and lip-synced lyrics provide the drama. The video is scored well and lends to Très-vain’s musical aura.

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