New Music Now Series: Envy Motel – ‘Perspectives’

Envy Motel-jpg.comThe rhythm battery is undeniably driven during Envy Motel’s debut single, “Head in the Clouds.” Meanwhile, single stroke guitar chording is sparse yet timely before charismatic vocals arrive, completing the mix. This describes the first :45 of the 3:38 music track. But the United Kingdom-based band soon cranks up the volume and punch, including an injection of some melodic musclebound guitar fills and a wicked bass solo. There is more.

Released as the lead track from the new rock EP Perspectives, musicianship rules Envy Motel and the proof is “Head in the Clouds.” Excellent soloing, tight drumming and outstanding vocal work lends to the group’s winning ways. Another highlight from Perspectives, “Height of Arrogance,” is punkish and gritty. In fact, “the whole f*cking world” is in his hands according to Envy Motel. As expected, the bass, skins and cymbals are edgy and close-fitting, while exciting vocal work pushes things to the max. The guitar is spot-on.

With a rhythmic six-string and beat, Perspectives also reveals a funkier side of the band in “Boundaries,” where the vocals provide a different approach compared to the rest of the EP. A personal favorite, “No Point” packs lots of movement into 2:46, which includes a quick drum solo near the end. It all comes down to real musicians making real music.                               

Envy Motel is Stephen Armstrong – vocals; James Dunn – guitar; Callum Cabello – bass; and Luke Pattison – drums.

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