‘The Middle’: The Sexy, Emotive New Single from Agency Panic

By Midnight Furie

Agency Panic-jpg.com Hailing from County Wexford, Irish alternative progressive rockers Agency Panic’s new single, “The Middle,” is available now. But before telling you more about the music, an introduction of the band is in order. JDK, or “J” for short, is the singer-screamer and a bit tasty. Tubs is on guitar and responsible for the initial high, clear chimes which begin the music track. Lee provides the deep, dirty bass riff and Revsy is a demon on the drums.

After the wickedly good bassline kicks in, crisp fret work delivers anAgency Panic-jpg.com audible note of hope which rings true throughout the song. The depth and richness of the sound, somewhat brought about in the cut’s arrangement, captures an inner turmoil, sensed perhaps inside a traumatized mind. Meanwhile, the steady rhythm embodies a mask of normalcy which is typically presented to the world.

With lyrics that include the lines, “Abstract thoughts/Deceptively distort/Shadows crawl/To the sirens song” and “Erasing what you Agency Panic-jpg.com think is real/Ego peels/Stripped down to bone to which you’ll find/One mind’s eye,” “The Middle” seems to explore the outlook of someone who has experienced trauma and is trying to deal with things, despite what may have happened.

Agency Panic’s use of mystery and imagination during “The Middle” leads to a particular artistry and view, providing a truly moving and emotional glimpse from an ultimately optimistic track. Try walking in this person’s shoes. Be sure to check out the “The Middle,” from Agency Panic, a legend in the making.

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Midnight Furie is the creator and host of The Midnight Hour on CrowZone Radio. The music played on Furie’s show presents a range of sounds, from glitch hop and symphonic metal to dubstep, classic rock and more. A loyal metal-head with an all-embracing taste in music, when not on-air, the popular webcaster loves to explore industrial, steampunk and electronic trends. Dedicated to showcasing new artists, Midnight Furie has featured interviews with bands from both the United Kingdom and overseas.


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