PaMu Slide: Let The Wireless Earphone Competition Begin!

PaMu Slide - jpg.comBetter sound and a longer battery life is the goal for most Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo) enthusiasts. Offering a fuller bass frequency and higher treble response, PaMu Slide boasts a solid ten hour playing time per charge. Available exclusively through, Slide is moisture resistant and includes a wireless charging carry case. With more than $4,000,000 raised and 80,000 backers, the crowdfunding campaign has proven to be more than successful. Slide is the reason.

Judging by the stylish ergonomic design, touch controls and balanced audio delivery, PaMu’s Slide, with BT5.0, in white, black or green, is clearly meant to compete and perhaps surpass the Airpods 2, Bose Sound Sport Free earphones, JAVA Elite Active 65t and other leading competitors. Running, biking, weight training or just walking, even during inclement weather, Slide is intended for portability and comfort. Instant pairing allows simple device connectivity to an Android phone, tablet, Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Siri, Google Assistant and more.

Launched in 2018, PaMu is made up of audio professionals who have developed products for brands such asPaMu Slide - Intel, AT&T and Nokia, just to name a few. This time, PaMu has partnered with Intel and Qualcomm to create Slide, where the palm-sized charging case slides open for access to the earphones, hence the name. Innovative as well as competitive, on Indiegogo, PaMu indicates the goal is to “outperform all other earphones.” Featuring six different ear tip sizes, with a current $49.99 crowdfunding price tag, the PaMu Slide is expected to retail for $199.00. The PaMu Slide Plus, which comes with a wireless phone charger, is $69.99.

One of the highpoints separating PaMu’s Slide from the pack is the IPX6 Water Resistance rating. While Airpods 2 do not carry an IPX6 grade, other brands suggest a lower IPX4 or PaMu Slide - jpg.comX5 ranking. Though not meant for underwater use, Slide’s IPX6 score offers better protection against the elements. Meanwhile, touch control technology provides contemporary simplicity and usage in a micro-sized device. A type-C connector promotes quicker charging time. The carry bag is optional.

Controlling the volume and hitting pause to receive a phone call during a song is no problem for the PaMu Slide. Taking into consideration noise reduction capability, music is the real forte of these earphones. Touting a transmission range of 10 meters, after getting to know the touch control sensitivity and using an iPhone 7, songs sounded clear and comfortable from having reduced distortion. The listening experience was ultimately enhanced. But like Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, musician Julian Quander and a host of others, you will have to decide.PaMu Slide - jpg.comPaMu Slide - jpg.com______________________________________________________________________________

Paul Wolfle-jpg.comPaul Wolfle, the publisher of, is a web-based journalist and music enthusiast who has written for several popular sites. Paul has a passion for connecting with a diversity of musicians who are looking to grow their presence by way of the World Wide Web.


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