Yard Of Blondes And Famed Producer Garraud Record EP With Solar RV Studio

Yard Of Blondes-jpg.comRecorded and produced in California’s Mojave Desert, the Los Angeles-based French-American Yard Of Blondes’ rock single, “Je Veux Danser Tout L’été,” or “I Want To Dance All Summer,” also is available as a remix and a demo. Noted electro DJ and music creator Joachim Garraud (Beyoncé, David Bowie, Culture Club and others) made the project possible with a mobile solar powered studio named the “LA Good Vibe.” This is merely the beginning of the story.

Yard Of Blondes serves up an alternative rock sound with appealing electro pop inclinations. The vocals, instrumentation and contemporary production are seamless, adding to the overall listening experience. This applies to all three versions of “Je Veux Danser Tout L’été.” Released Jul. 19, 2019, as for composition, blended with just the right amount of volume, the chorus is pleasantly done in French.Yard Of Blondes-jpg.com Summer or anytime, with a brief but driving guitar intro, the original rock mix quickly is becoming a personal favorite.

In June 2019, Garraud reached out to YOB with an invitation to go on the road in the Mojave Desert, an area known for having some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded and the perfect place to keep a solarized mobile recording studio like LA Good Vibe juiced and ready. Talk about unique audio workstations. Garraud, who is the co-founder of GUM Records with songwriter, DJ and producer David Guetta, had an idea that obviously clicked. The open sunny space and heart of the desert is rendered in the music and the 3:21 video which accompanies “Je Veux Danser Tout L’été.” The opening footage reveals a remote location with Garraud’s RV studio driving along the flat sand to the Blondes’ music. Look closely for some of the rectangular solar panels on the RV’s roof. The video is shot and edited superbly.

As a follow-up, Yard Of Blondes plans to release another single in the fall from a forthcoming debut album. Yard Of Blondes is Vincent Jacob – vocals, guitars; Fanny Hill – vocals, bass; Burak Yerebakan – guitars; and Forrest Mitchell – drums.

The EP includes “Je Veux Danser Tout L’été” – the original version; the remix by Joachim Garraud; and the demo from Yard Of Blondes and Joachim Garraud.

Find more about Yard Of Blondes on:

Artist’s Official Page


Joachim Garraud Remix




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