New Music Now Series: DJ Matt Black: Club Cultured Tech House and EDM Master

DJ Matt Black-jpg.comDJ and music producer Matt Black’s latest track, “I Don’t Give A F*** (Tech House 2019),” released Sept. 9, 2019, is percussive and crisp, complete with imaginative rhythm movements. Eager enthusiasts would expect nothing less from a professional who began spinning and mixing at the age of ten. On the other hand, if you thought DJ Matt Black is only about dance and expert instrumentation, think again. This is just the beginning of the story.

As a DJ, Matt Black is known for an outstanding, crowd thumping song selection, earned by way of various festivals and events. As a producer, DJ Matt’s single “Still Here,” which dropped in June and features vocalist Erik B. Turner, moves with undeniable emotion. DJMB collaborated with Scott J for an interesting white label, vinyl tech house take on Heart’s “Barracuda,” also in June. Make sure to check out the accompanying video. For EDM aficionados, Matt’s “So Innocent,” on Soundcloud, is trippy and moody with a driving melody.

Born in Swindon, England, DJ Matt Black has appeared on British broadcasting with the BBC four times during 2019. Additionally, along with being in the program rotation of several FM and Internet radio stations, Matt Black’s music tracks can be heard at numerous clubs, last count 137, from London and Miami Beach to Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. Talk about being in demand.

For more about DJ Matt Black please visit:

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