MP Magic Socks’ Possibilities: Concert Tour Footwear for Musicians and Fans

MP Magic Socks-jpg.comImagine performing at a string of different music festivals and only changing socks every week or so. Comfortability could be the key to maintaining optimal health and well-being while on the road and that same ease of confidence arguably begins with good foot care. For touring musicians and concert goers wearing sneakers, shoes, boots, sandals or some other foot attire, enter odorless MP Magic Socks. As for style, comfort and hygiene, MP Magic Socks suggests something more.

The antimicrobial powers of copper thread are widely known. But MP Magic Socks goes beyond the competitors by infusing not one but three different metals within the fabric. Regarding on the go musicians waking up in a strange hotel or motel room anticipating the next show, rest assured MP Magic Socks has things literally covered in silver, copper and zinc. The more metals used in a fabric, the better bacteria can be defended against. For instance, silver threading is considered to be antibacterial, while zinc cuts down on particular germs that cause foot odor. Added to copper’s natural antibacterial and biochemical catalyst properties, MP Magic Socks provide sort of a one-two-three punch combination for fighting foot odor.

Borrowing from contemporary aerospace technology, the makers of MP Magic Socks have put those practices to use in everyday terms by creating modishly durable antimicrobic socks. For musicians and even avid concert enthusiasts, while traveling between multiple venues, foot comfort and hygiene should be the last thing to worryMP Magic about. Meanwhile, typical foot odor emanates from perspiration, causing that distinct locker room dirty socks smell. Now, Magic Socks protects against odorous foot challenges with six day deodorant control. In other words, Magic Socks can be worn nearly every day for a week before washing. The distinction is clearly in the fabric.

Available in assorted crew and ankle lengths, MP Magic Socks offer four collections, including MP Premium; MP Classic; MP Sport; and MP Patterns. There are holiday and city collections too. Ranging in price from $9.90 per pair and up, MP Classic is the company’s best seller. Produced in China, regarding comfortability, according to Forbes, MP Magic Socks are “Made with the best knitting machine from Italy.” Co-founded by Dr. Owen Zhang and business partner Hughes Hou, the unique odorless hosiery has been featured in GQ, Glamour and several notable fashion magazines. Zhang and Hou’s footwear is designed for people on the go, so MP Magic Socks and musicians seem to be a natural fit. Intended as a unisex product, most customers tend to be men.

With a PhD in semiconductors, “Pack less, enjoy more” is a motto of Dr. Zhang’s, which could also be a backpacking and camping music festival patron’s mantra. Bearing in mind how Coachella, Bonnaroo, Firefly and other well-known concert celebrations promote multi-day outdoor recreation events, odorless breathable MP Magic Socks could be a welcomed option for attendees. From either side of the stage and beyond, MP Magic Socks is something special. For more please visit MP Magic Socks.


Paul Wolfle-jpg.comPaul Wolfle is the publisher of and a web-based journalist who has written for several popular sites. Paul has a passion for connecting with a diversity of musicians who are looking to grow a positive presence on the World Wide Web.


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