Caster Volor: Original, Riotous and Fully Rocked

Caster Volor-jpg.comWith sizzling humbuckers often played at or near the twenty-second fret and a drum kit the size of a small vehicle, Caster Volor’s self-described industrial theatre sound is everything explosive and more. The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based band is just as much about visual imagery as the music. Either way, the Caster Volor experience is an exciting spectacle, including the latest single, “Ready or Not (Come on and Rock).”

Influenced by Rammstein, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Queen and a host of others, the accompanying video for “Ready Or Not” provides an idea of how over the top and amped up Caster Volor can get. A steady heavy metalish rhythm takes hold as the lead vocalist’s scream mixes and finally dissipates within blistering string harmonics at around :43 into the song. A fiery bass and plenty of skins and cymbals give way to some wicked guitar leads. All the while, the singer pumps out a lower death type growl before leaping into a heavy metal vocal eruption. A bit of anthemic appeal lingers over some of the verses.Caster

No question, Caster Volor recognizes how to crank out a wild tune and the proof is “Ready Or Not (Come On And Rock).” But part of the appeal is the band’s imagery. Sporting silver studded pants, fingerless gloves and a horned crotch plate, the lead singer only adds to the group’s devilish pleasure during the cut’s YouTube video. After watching and listening, Caster Volor seems to be a band that really enjoys entertaining fans, in more ways than one. From the five-song EP A Prelude To The Freak Show, check out “Ready Or Not (Come On And Rock).”

Band members are Caster Volor – lead vocals; Steven Volor – guitar, vocals; Nick “The Rage” Chilson – bass guitar, backing vocals; and Jorge “Snake” Navarrete – drums, backing vocals.

For more about Caster Volor visit:

Artist’s Official Page




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