Music Sneak Preview: Ruzz Guitar’s ‘Louisiana’ Seizes the Moment

Ruzz Guitar-jpg.comStraddling the contours between rock and roll and classic rhythm and blues, the energy of Ruzz Guitar and company is best experienced live. Featuring a combination of covers and originals, the forthcoming concert album from Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue, Live At The Louisiana, shines a light on the band’s muscle and cohesive muster. Besides, The Louisiana proves to be an ideal setting for capturing the vibrancy of the music.

With a release date planned for Feb. 10, 2020, Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue recorded Live At The Louisiana in Sept. 2019. Leading off the eight-song collection is a romp through Bill Doggett’s “Hold It,” which proves to be a showcase of finely executed solos. The guitar and brass are crisp, while the rhythm battery remains tightly matched. The performance is upbeat and bright with plenty of instrumental riffing. Right off the bat, the takeaway conveys a band that enjoys making music.

Ruzz’s songs retain a characteristic feel while remaining contemporary and fresh. For example, the second cut, the 6:09 “Baby Please Come Home,” rocks with newness and clarity while staying rooted in the track’s origins. A Gretsch® endorsed artist, Ruzz’s guitar tone carries a particular recollection and presence, adding to the rock profile of “Baby Please Come Home.” The vocals also move at a rocker’s pace, channeling the live enthusiasm. No doubt, this is a band that likes to jam. Plus, with the recording quality so clear, the instrumentation is easily heard. Next up, an original by Ruzz and the band, “Movin’ On,” has a funky sense of style, including punchy keyboards. A comparison to Roomful Of Blues would not be out of the question.Ruzz Guitar's Blues

Skipping around on Live At The Louisiana, Ruzz slows things down a bit with Santo and Johnny Farina’s 1959 wistful but timeless mega hit, “Sleepwalk.” Sway, dance or just relax, as the dulcet guitar strings express the honesty of respectable musicianship and more. Another standout, “Sweet As Honey,” drives with a Slim Harpo-meets-ZZ Top kind of groove amidst the energy and volume. The album closes with “It’s Obdacious” and this is the correct spelling. According to The Urban Dictionary, obdacious is a mix of the words abnormal and bodacious. Needless to say, Ruzz’s Revue lives up to the occasion on Live At The Louisiana. Speaking of The Louisiana, the family run 140-seat Bristol, England venue has a rich history of hosting influential bands, including Florence and The Machine, The Scissor Sisters and The Chemical Brothers, among others. Coldplay has performed at The Louisiana three times, while Muse had a six-month residency. Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue is in good company.

With an active concert schedule, look for Ruzz Guitar’s tour dates and shows.

For more about Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Review and The Louisiana please visit:


Official Band Page



The Louisiana


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