Hunter Miller Shows Why ‘The Way Down’ Rises Above the Pack

Hunter Miller-jpg.comFrom the fabled Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ole Opry to the Bluebird Café, Gruhn Guitars and more, Nashville holds many meanings for different people. Underneath the fame and legendary stories, singers and songwriters often strive for personal goals which help make Music City tick. Among the musicians who call Nashville home, Hunter Miller’s six-song EP The Way Down noticeably stands out. First time listeners will discover Miller has a contemporary chart-friendly voice. That is just for starters.

The 3:50 album opener and title cut is warm with a sense of a singer-songwriter’s own touch. Miller’s tone sounds open, adding a feeling of authenticity to the lyrics. The acoustic strumming is frank, while the words and melody have just a drop of sadness, in the way the truth sometimes hurts. But Miller’s singing is the highlight, remaining front and center and rightfully so. Plus, the recording artist has a convincing manner singing, “Giving up is easy.” The second cut, “Everything You Are,” has a similar unaffectedness and smart radio appeal. Keep in mind Miller wrote, performed, recorded and produced all the songs on The Way Down.

Changing things up a bit, the third track, “You There,” has such a winning beat and melody which listeners mightHunter think is an undiscovered, long-lost AM/FM hit. This type of thinking would not be out of line. Miller’s song has an overwhelming Maroon 5-ish charm waiting to be appreciated, hopefully by the law of large numbers. Catchy and addictive aptly describes “You There.” Released Oct. 4, 2019, also from The Way Down, “I, Tonight” is another polished highlight in the offing. Once again, some nicely done guitar work provides the added musicianship. Here and with the entire EP, production is expert, accessible and seamless.

Except for “I, Tonight,” all songs from The Way Down clock in at less than four minutes, including “What Happens Without You” and the closer, “This Heart Of Mine.” With that premise in mind, a definite pop receptivity and cordiality exists in Hunter Miller’s musical approach and production. Each of the songs from The Way Down exudes Miller’s musical character in a winning style leaning more towards country pop and rock than Telecaster twang. Pop music inclinations, like Hunter Miller’s, tend to satisfy a wide current of listening enthusiasts, spelling success.

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Check out Hunter Miller’s song “Time to Wake Up” from the VR game Song Beater!


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