Mary Jane’s Affair Illuminates With ‘Lights’ Single

Mary Jane's Affair-jpg.comIn an attempt to make headway among the massive sea of music releases, recording artists have generally developed a one-two punch involving sight and sound. The imagery for a song often includes a lyric video, which in itself, is nothing new. Renowned rocker and 60s folkie Bob Dylan created a famous analog-leaning, lyric video by holding up cue cards with the words to “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Now, add Mary Jane’s Affair to the lyric video list.

Hailing from La Paz, Bolivia, by way of Mexico City, the music for Mary Jane’s Affair’s “Lights” lyric video has an alt-rock-punk energy with larger, multi-media appeal. Listen closely because the opening seconds reveal a quick guitar riff in the left speaker before the recording changes over to both channels, gaining a listener’s attention. While not anything groundbreaking, the brief speaker panning is a nice touch. Instinct counts in everything and Mary Jane’s Affair has it, including balance, power and tone, as heard in “Lights.”Mary Jane's

Influenced by The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Methods Of Mayhem and others, “Lights” is driven as much by the lead vocals as the guitar and bass lines. The guitar is often clearly differentiated above the bass parts, providing further listening appeal. Meanwhile, the drums have a nice amount of skin worth focusing on. Listeners will have to hit play more than once to get all the nuances of the song. Maybe being a trio of brothers lends to Mary Jane’s Affair’s balanced artistry. Though alt-rockish and punk, the sound mix of “Lights” has a melodic metal-ish feel as well.

Mary Jane's Affair-jpg.comA number of music artists, like Avicii; Elvis Costello and The Roots; and Cee-Lo Green, just to mention a few, have released lyric videos. Van Halen’s “Right Now” is another video with lyrics and sentences. Visually speaking, Mary Jane’s Affair’s Youtube lyric video for “Lights,” released Sept. 1, 2019, leaves a contemporary impression as active colorful bands of orange, blue, yellow and other hues circle the face of a man from top to bottom and over again. The gray brick jigsaw puzzle-looking background moves from right to left around the back of the imagined man’s glowing, pulsating and machinelike eyes. The recording quality of the music is professional and goes quite well while watching. The lyric video for “Lights,” from Mary Jane’s Affair, is a suggested pick.

The three brothers who make up Mary Jane’s Affair include Elliott – lead vocals, drums; Navil – guitars; and Farith – vocals.

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