Taking Feed Your Wolves’ ‘Lonely’ Out For a Spin-Here Is the Result

Feed Your Wolves-jpg.comFFO: Indie, Alternative, Acoustic, Pop

When it comes to music artists, what is in a name may or may not apply depending on the circumstances. As for Feed Your Wolves, the designation is only secondary to the quality of the band’s latest song. The epitome of do-it-yourself indie rock, “Lonely” maintains an independent spirit outside major label territory.

A finessed beat and vocals to match, the second single from Feed Your Wolves is due in March. Perhaps best described as indie rock with a bit of a twang, Feed Your Wolves is actually musician Andy Davidson. “Lonely” is the second single from the Wolves’ album Save Yourself, released in Dec. 2019, where Davidson wrote, recorded and produced all the music. Self-contained and eager to go all-out, Davidson has an autonomous music quality reflected in the songs he performs and records. Just take a listen to “Lonely” and the rest simply falls into place. The original track is direct with nothing veiled: “But I can’t wait to see you again/I’m telling you I’m lonely/Just a little bit lonely.”Feed Your Wolves-jpg.com

After hearing Davidson’s “Lonely,” listeners will be hard pressed to come away with anything less than an emphasis on the songwriting, verse and choruses. Use of the guitars and drums, as well as the melody, lends to the cut’s craftsmanship and style, something Feed Your Wolves intuitively knows all about. Perhaps at times verging on pop rock tendencies, the music is enjoyable to hear and even sing along to. Though the lyrics deal with being lonely, the song is not a downer and quite the opposite. In fact, all 3:05 emit an energized mood addressing the human condition through song. Though not strictly a concept album, “Lonely” fits in well within the album’s Save Yourself title.

It will not take listeners long to figure out musicianship and performance are a large part of the “Lonely” profile. After all, Davidson is Feed Your Wolves. Hailing from Stockton-On-Tees, England, Feed Your Wolves is a solo project from beginning to end. Furthermore, Davidson created all of the cover art and related merchandise. Yes, there is plenty of merch for FYW loyalists. Taking it one step further, Davidson even created the artist’s website. The phrase “Man of many talents” surely is not wasted here, to say the least. If that is not enough, the Feed Your Wolves originator is also in a cover band. Music is in Davidson’s blood. That much is easy to see. But better yet, the proof is in the listening.

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