Feed Your Wolves’ ‘Save Remix’: How Relevant The Lyrics Have Become

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The new single “Save Yourself (Silver Fox Remix)” is a reimagined reworking that turns club friendliness into a larger audience appeal and more. While the original album version’s title track is closer to a guitar-rich, pop-rock cut, the remix presents more of a contemporary drum treatment resulting in a roomier rhythmic dance feel. But this time around, though the lyrics are the same, the song rings out in a special way. Here is why.

Production of “Save Yourself (Silver Fox Remix),” by James Henderson, allows a particular vocal subtlety to flourish during the Feed Your Wolves recording. Released Apr. 12, 2020, the 3:48 “Silver Fox” rendition retains a certain privacy and depth within the music’s pulse. By comparison, on the album, “Save Yourself” is 3:13 total running time. Meanwhile, the remixed melody and variation in production convey a somewhat different weightiness than in the original. The remix has also taken on an unintended urgency.

Both “Save Yourself (Silver Fox Remix)” and the initial song are written and performed by Feed Your Wolves’ Andy Davidson. When Davidson wrote and recorded “Save Yourself” the musician probably was not aware of theFeed Your Wolves-jpg.com looming pandemic. The Save Yourself album was released in Dec. 2019, just before the impending Coronavirus dominated the globe. But with the situation as such, headlines about social distancing, quarantines and the human toll have seeped into most aspects of everyday life, including how music is listened to. Because of the pandemic and the fact that numbers do not lie, now when Davidson sings “Come on/Save yourself and you’ll save me too,” the chorus is tied to profound altruistic proportions on a greater scale.

Feed Your Wolves is a project created by Andy Davidson. As for the name, on Facebook Davidson describes an analogy he read about the figurative wolves inside a besieged person. In theory, one wolf represents “Anger, hate, jealousy, shame and lies.” The other signifies “Love, joy, truth and peace.” For Davidson, this proverbial struggle seems to fuel the furnace of imaginative energy, including the artwork.

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