Hellfire In A Guitar: Men Without Armies’ Brennan Dylan Returns To The Studio

Men Without Armies-jpg.comFFO: Metal, Rock

The fresh air of a new album will soon be circulating while bringing sonic transformation to just about anyone within earshot. Men Without Armies mastermind Brennan Dylan is ready to record new material and the music cannot arrive fast enough. Keeping busy in a hectic world, an injection of wickedly, fast fretwork just may be the answer to an enthusiast’s post-winter thaw. Yes, it is time to bask again in the sound and fury of Dylan’s amperage.

The combination of spring sunshine and song is fairly hard to beat, but adding some fiery musicianship typically can make things even better. Though yet untitled, listeners can anticipate the same fromMen Without Armies-jpg.com Brennan Dylan as the artist readies for a forthcoming project. Would you expect anything less from the Nashville-based six-string sidewinder? Plus, with Music City getting back on its feet after the heartache of the recent tornado occurrence, Brennan’s efforts truly can be appreciated. The reason for all the excitement is found in MWA’s recordings, as well as Dylan’s live shows.

Loyalists in the know already are familiar with the Men Without Armies catalogue. But newbie listeners need not look farther than songs like “Conquer The Emperor” to discover the Canadian-born axist often sounds like classic Jeff Beck gone metal. But do not stop there. Available on Reverbnation, soaring, rapid fire and melodic, the title track to 2017’s Walking Through Fire album is another gem. The same applies to the accompanying video, where genuine World War II newsreel snippets were pieced together forming the basis for the visuals. Other highlights from Walking Through Fire include the 4:19 “Resistance” and a personal favorite “Falling Through Skies.” Keep in mind this is merely a sampling.

Made possible by a grant from the Canadian Council For The Arts, all songs on the instrumental Walking Through Fire collection were composed and produced by Brennan Dylan. The songwriter also played guitar on every track. Music aficionados will find the commonality between cuts is the player’s talent for cruising above and below the 12th fret with flexibility and confidence. This applies in the studio and during live shows, the sign of a natural. No doubt, Dylan has the look, feel and substance of a great guitar player. For these reasons and more, Brennan Dylan is a recommended choice.

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