Sabina Chantouria’s ‘Fire And Flame’: A Burning Heart Still Rings True

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A tension filled song title, romance and guitars only add to the passionate reflection during the latest single from Sabina Chantouria. The singer, songwriter and guitarist offers up a strong radio friendly recording of the highest order. Even the 3:23 running time is a good match for larger audiences. Assisted by first-rate Los Angeles-based musicians, Chantouria considers love and desire among the “Fire And Flame.” But this is only some of the story.

Acoustic guitar strumming, moody and personal, combines with the bassline to create the framework before the drums finally enter. All of this leads up to the vocals, lending to introspection and wistfulness. Naturally, Chantouria’s singing is vital to the track’s message and melody. For instance, during some moments when the instruments settle down, the understated texture of the singer’s voice, moody yet vibrant, clearly is heard. This draws a listener’s attention. Hear how the keyboards bring a sense of musical expansion. Meanwhile, with the band in full gear, Chantouria’s singing is right at home.

With amorous memories helping tell the musical story, arrangement and ambiance set this original track apart.Sabina Released in Oct. 2019, the steady, approachable beat and vocal performance is worthy of the stirring final encore spot during a live concert. There go the proverbial lighters. Considering the Swedish-Georgian artist’s pop music tag, acoustic and electric six-strings enhance the selection with character and rock savvy. The plugged in fills are amped, but finely balanced within the mix. Either through headphones or larger stereo speakers, the sound is cohesive and pleasant.

Accompanying “Fire And Flame” is a YouTube music video shot at Studios60, Los Angeles, complete with Chantouria’s red and white costume changes, outstanding editing, as well as production. At times, the image sequencing is complex but always skillfully presented. Seeing snippets of Chantouria with a blue acoustic single cutaway capoed at the first fret enhances the song and artist’s hands-on authenticity. The music and visuals show some wise artistic choices by Chantouria.

Sabina Chantouria-jpg.comOutside the studio Sabina Chantouria has played the Viper Room and performed at many festivals throughout the United States, Europe and the country of Georgia.

The band on “Fire And Flame” is Kevin Jarvis – drums; Carl Byron – keyboard; Gregg Sarfaty – bass; Gregg Sarfaty – baritone electric guitar; and Sabina Chantouria – vocals, harmonies, electric and acoustic guitars. The music was produced by Kevin Jarvis, Sonic Boom Room, Los Angeles.

The video credits for “Flame And Fire” are Director/Editor – Aline Nader; Producer/Creative Director – Chad Schollmeyer; Director Of Photography – Christopher Fox; Production Designer – Matt Withers; Art Department – Yoan Hermelin; Make-Up/Hair – Sara Velez; Set Photographer – Ju Charao; Color/VFX –Christopher Fox. Featuring Yoan Hermelin. A High Fidelity Pictures production.

For more about Sabina Chantouria, please visit;

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