Seven Federations’ ‘The Arrival’ Reaches An Industrial Gnostic Destination

Seven Federations-jpg.comFFO: Industrial, Dark Wave, Electronic, Noise Rock

Striving for spiritual truth, in one respect, the debut album from Seven Federations is a study of Gnosticism and sometimes with a twist. For instance “A Late Night Visit To The Pleroma Medical Facility” sounds like a song with a story behind it. Pleroma, a Greek word, in this case bears a Gnostic reference. But the album travels beyond its titles and topics. Musically speaking, The Arrival is also an electronic concept created by Seven Federations.

For listeners, attaching the industrial tag to The Arrival’s opening track, “Demiurge,” probably is inevitable. The 3:31 cut has a big rhythmic machine-like vibe, while the vocals suggest a degree of hardening and regret. Underneath, skins and cymbals add to the musical cohesion. At the 3:00 mark, keyboards cleverly add a familiar sacred air. Next up on the album, the title track has a bit more of a driving quality, almost a noise rock-ish character. Meanwhile, powerful lyrics emphasize a significantly personal message with “My blind and one-eyed god/the pride before the fall/I’ll never pray another day/and now I can’t see at all.”

A growing favorite, the instrumental “A Late Night Visit To The Pleroma Medical Facility” is filled with texture andSeven space. In order to receive the full effect of the music, either good headphones or a listening system with decent woofers and a respectable mid-range response is recommended. Following a brief blank but typical scratchy record intro and then some guitar picking, another highlight, “Third Eye,” radiates club friendliness and awareness outside typical physical confines. If there is one song sure to hook a listener, that would have to be “Alter.” If alternative music enthusiasts need a recommendation, here it is.

Seven Federations is Fargo, North Dakota-based musician and music producer Todd C. Ruzicka. On the Seven Federations Facebook page, Ruzicka describes having “A holy war with reality.” That somewhat explains the theme running through The Arrival. The tenor of the Federations’ industrial electronic mix is bold and engaging. In fact, listening to Seven Federations is more like an experience.

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