Special Preview: The Vonics’ ‘Word On The Street’ Set For Release

The Vonics-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Alt-Rock

Where a band originates often helps shape the sound of the music. The Mississippi Delta, Liverpool and Motown are a few places that immediately come to mind. Then there is West Midlands, England, home to the industrial rich Black Country region. Just west of Birmingham, perhaps the Black Country sound is best defined by The Vonics. With a lead single now available, the Dudley, UK-based band is ready to release Word On The Street, a six-song EP.

Completely guitar-driven with a catchy chorus, “She’s On Fire” resembles a great radio rock song from the FM dial.The Vonics-jpg.com Take a look at the accompanying YouTube video and it seems The Vonics have a penchant for classic Fender instruments. Meanwhile, the band has forged a brand of original music influenced by Oasis, The Who, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others. Proof can be heard with “She’s On Fire.” Of course, in addition to the instrumentation, melodic rocking vocals add to the fun; so do the lyrics, chord movements and guitar fills. A perfect lead single describes “She’s On Fire.”

Scheduled for release on May 29, 2020, musicinterviewmagazine secured a preview of Word On The Street, including the 3:35 “World Turns Around.” With brief but isolated strumming as the intro, The Vonics thrive in a fret-filled environment and “World Turns Around” is a perfect example. In typical rocker fashion, the cut takes off when the drums enter, tight and loud. After hearing the second song from the EP, a sonic profile The Vonics-jpg.combegins to emerge with all the gusto and comfort of a flavorful beer. The whole idea of kicking back a cold one is to feel good and The Vonics have that ability. A feedback-filled intro cranks things up a notch from “Velvet Skies,” before overlapped guitar tones and some wah work leads the way to another impressive cut. The rhythm battery keeps time without a miss. The bassline constantly moves, giving flow to the song.

Further into the EP, “Within My Soul” has a hardnosed blue collar quality closer to an earlier alt-rock vintage. The production mix here and throughout the collection is clear, enhancing both the band and listening experience. The group seems to flex its muscle just a bit more during “Within My Soul.” While the arrangement features superb drumming, bass and guitars, the lead vocals make the difference with persuasive enthusiasm and first-rate singing. Simply stated, The Vonics sound terrific over stereo speakers. In fact, “Let The Love Inside” is ready made for larger markets. So is the track “All Been Done,” where “There’s a word out on the street.” The Vonics have all the bases covered with a solid collection of songs from the Word On The Street EP.

The Vonics are Scott Robinson – singer; Mark Hancox – guitar; Chris Dixon – guitar; John Webb – bass; and Mark Oliver – drummer.

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