Scott Howard’s ‘Written In The Clouds’ And A New Album: Healing At 432Hz

Scott Howard-jpg.comScott Howard-jpg.comFFO: Pop, Rock, Folk, Spiritual

For enthusiasts seeking a balanced path in life, music often can deliver an enlightening, curative effect. But finding the right songs to unlock those beneficial properties is fundamental for listening and even just feeling good. Singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer Scott Howard taps into music’s deeper considerations and his own sensitivities during “Written In The Clouds,” the lead single from The Language Of Clouds, which is performed and recorded at a pleasing 432 Hz.

Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and others felt music is best enjoyed when delivered at 432Hz, compared to the standard 440Hz. Scott Howard thinks the same way, as evidenced by the artist’s new album, including the song “Written In The Clouds.” The intro to the 3:41 track features an acoustic guitar with single chords neatly paced and struck one at a time. The phrasing and resulting tone is clean, warm and pensive before Howard asks, “What language do you speak when you say hello to a cloud,” in the opening lyrics of the song.

Before long, “Written In The Clouds” builds to a powerful, layered crescendo with an amped guitar among the mix adding to the higher pitched excitement. In a nod to excellent production and musicianship, the cut’s overall effect borders on lush and perhaps sonically panoramic. Howard’s lyrics and melody evoke a larger point of view andScott strategy, while releasing an inner perpetual spirit of recovery and growth, all at 432Hz. For those familiar with Cat Stevens, Howard strikes a similar vocal character. There is an organic, friendly but wise quality radiating from the music of Scott Howard and “Written in the Clouds” proves a prime example. This also fits the healing side of the artist, which is precisely where everything begins. Listen closely because there is a natural order at work.

“Written In The Clouds” is the first single from The Language Of Clouds, available May 11, 2020. The album is a multifaceted project immersed in sight as well as sound, so of course bigger stereo speakers always are recommended. The Clouds collection includes both live and studio sides. A vinyl version of the album also is available, along with a coffee table book. Especially at the current time, Howard conveys an inner buoyancy and inspiration no matter how bad the circumstances seem to be. All things considered, Scott Howard’s distinct sound remains “Written In The Clouds.”

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