Ladybower’s ‘You’re Too Easy On Yourself’: Timing And Distinction Are Everything

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Though unfortunate but true, most everyone has been affected by the Coronavirus in some way including the band Ladybower. The group had scheduled a number of music shows to promote their new single. Then the virus struck and things came to a halt. Everything except “You’re Too Easy On Yourself,” Ladybower’s latest song set for release on May 18, 2020. As for listening, luckily there is no social distancing and as a result Ladybower clearly stands out.

Not knowing what to expect, hitting play yielded a payload of originality in the form of a song, namely “You’re Too Easy On Yourself.” The single’s highly digestible 3:30 length lends to the pop category tag, but that only scratches the surface. Influenced by Gorillaz, Bea 1991, Outkast and The Voidz, comparisons in the spirit of Talking Heads and perhaps Brian Eno are understandable. That is the overall view of the track. More to the point, the song jumps out in front with a vocal tone and instrumentation that surely can cause listeners in Steel City and elsewhere to sit up and take notice, especially the first time around. Multiple plays are certain.

Regularly featured on the BBC’s Introducing Sheffield, pop music influences aside, the guitar and drumming “You’re Too Easy On Yourself” have rock appeal which gives the track and underlying bite. In fact, the pulse helps keep everything together. Listening through a pair of Behringer HPM1000 headphones, the sound is roomy and rich at all volumes, particularly the bass. The strumming guitar underneath the polished eccentricity seems to add to the sincerity and fun. Enthusiasts interested in something different, look no further than Ladybower. The melody and arrangement are creative and original. Meanwhile the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and one-of-a-kind but melodious vocals are only rivaled by the production, which also is first-class. The bass line and rhythm get particularly attention-grabbing at 2:24. Switching over to a pair of GravaStar Bluetooth 20 watt speakers, checking out the music on a higher fidelity stereo system is even better.

As with most great songs, the lyrics play a role in getting the band’s message across, including the line “And everything has a purpose and a place.” But it is the total package that separates the band from the rest. All things considered, Ladybower has more imagination and musical expertise in their collective little finger than others can ever dream to possess. For these reasons and more “You’re Too Easy On Yourself” is a recommended choice. Despite the postponements, the staying at home and general circumstances, now is as good a time as any to give Ladybower a try.

In the meantime here is the current video from Ladybower.

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