In Earnest’s ‘Come Upstairs’ Sneak Preview: Facing Desperation Without Being Overcome

In Earnest-jpg.comFFO: Folk Rock, Indie, Alternative

Pulling no punches is one of the qualities separating In Earnest from the rest. The band’s latest track suggests a clear definition of what singersongwriters do the best. From a forthcoming six-track EP tentatively due for a late 2020 release, a particular closeness exits between the band and the music. After hitting play, the idea of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes becomes a fresh awareness. Here is why.

The gentle intro to “Come Upstairs” can be described as deliberate and melodic with a bit of sadness, lending that personal touch. The 4:01 track’s beginning sets the tone within the overall song. Before long, mildly held singing enters the mix, while bringing the composition’s focus into closer view. With an emotive presence, the lyrics reveal a narrative told from the singer’s perspective, while supporting his partner as she struggles with mental health issues. The song is a factual first-person tale of real people confronting life’s issues head on and ultimately winning. The proof is in the recording.In

Revealing and sincere, performance is everything during “Come Upstairs.” Perhaps it is because the music sits so close to the band’s collective heart. Singer Thomas Eatherton’s frank sincerity provides the motivation. Eatherton acknowledges, “There are times when I find it difficult to maintain my own identity” and “We’re gradually learning how to combat negative thinking.” Meanwhile, one of the goals behind the current track is raising awareness about mental health in general. In Earnest aims to spark a conversation through music, which is nothing new for the trio. The single “Come Upstairs” follows “Put Me Under,” from April 2020. “Put Me Under,” featuring Sarah on lead vocals, places an emphasis on mental health topics and everyday living.

Read a review of “Put Me Under” here.

With both “Come Upstairs” and “Put Me Under,” In Earnest delivers a candid songwriting approach, which translates to melodies and lyrics that are deeply honest and revealing. Additionally, having Thomas as the lead vocalist on “Come Upstairs” and Sarah singing “Put Me Under,” to borrow a phrase, they are surely telling their lives in songs.

In Earnest is Thomas Eatherton, Sarah Holburn and Toby Shaer.

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