In Earnest’s ‘Put Me Under’ Strikes A Candid Music Entry

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Things do not get any more sincere and open than in the code of frankness reflected by the debut single, “Put Me Under.” Working through personal challenges typically left behind closed doors is courageous in itself. But putting those experiences down in words and music with the hope of raising conversations to help others also is gutsy. Some might even say selfless and encouraging. Nevertheless, all of this describes “Put Me Under.”

An intensely introspective story told from a first person point of view is something singer-songwriters do so well, including In Earnest. Available Apr. 17, 2020, “Put Me Under” is the culmination of the English band’s encounter with mental health issues, specifically from the lead singer’s point of view. Acoustic finger picking fills the entire track, while an electric guitar also is used with the two finishing as an interwoven fabric of musicianship. The expert guitar playing keeps the 3:57 song floatingIn throughout its longevity. Yet, this is merely half the story with the vocal work and lyrics providing the reflective narrative.

The lines from “Put Me Under” tap into something with which listeners can identify. A window on one person’s mental health and everyday living is expressed through lyrics, creating recognizable imagery for most. For example, in the verse “Now and then I have a stock take of my mind/Clear my schedule, burn some cash, take in some facts online/I always say I’ll start working out and cut down on ice cream/It never is enough to stop me binge watching TV,” who cannot relate to frivolously spending money or watching too much television. But In Earnest takes it one step further despite fighting depression, loneliness and anxiety.

The singing during “Put Me Under” is delicate, gentle and harmonious. While listening, at times, the legendary Roaches with Robert Fripp or maybe Phoebe Bridgers pleasantly came to mind. The words “Everyone says to keep going ’til you see the light” provide an indication of a particular struggle. A beloved pet proves to be the only stability. Even at the 3:15 mark, when the final layer begins, the vocals sound just as sensitive and personal. The ending has kind of a rock finish, but no less searching. In a show of capacity and professionalism, “Put Me Under” was recorded live with all the musicians in one room and without using click tracks, cues, autotuning or the like. “Put Me Under” involves real music made by real musicians.

“Put Me Under” features Thomas Eatherton, Sarah Holburn and Toby Shaer.

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