Yard Of Blondes Hits ‘Close To Home’ With Quarantine House Special: Behind The Scenes

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The Orange® and Peavey 5150 guitar amplifier heads in the background of the video for Close To Home lets enthusiasts know the music is the real deal. Recorded during the current COVID epidemic, the 18 minute collection features three original songs and a cover of The Voidz “Pyramid Of Bones,” all from the new Close To Home EP, released Jul. 3, 2020. But this only begins to describe the Yard Of Blondes’ music, where performance rules.

Reviewed through a private link, the Close To Home video and songs emit a particular authenticity of style and professionalism. The proof is in the imagery as well as the EP. For instance, the opening track leads off with “Pyramid Of Bones,” which retains somewhat of an eviler aura than The Voidz. During the video, following an animated artistic title interpretation, a thick semi-hollow body guitar tone briefly takes hold before the rest of the band joins in. Each of the musicians is in a separate location as the cut starts to crank. Listeners would be hard pressed to find a better song, that is, until the next track on the EP plays.

At the five minute mark of the video, “Lowland” kicks in with a quick spokenYard Of Blondes-jpg.com preface before the Blondes commence doing what they do the best. Melodic and vibrant, the rhythm battery is nicely synced against the two guitars, one a Telecaster with humbuckers and the vocal work. No wonder Yard Of Blondes inked a deal with Die Laughing Records and Golden Robot Records. Where “Pyramid Of Bones” suggests fretwork possibly matched with a synth, “Lowland” conveys a more familiar wah quality, perhaps parked. Generally speaking, “Lowland” winds up as a jam with YOB rocking to a shared vibe.

At 8:37 of the video, the third cut’s title alone, “Murderology,” should be enough to lure listeners to the EP. Despite the title, the lyrics begin, “This is a love song to my heart.” Though often direct, the band’s collective personality also rings with a tongue-in-cheek character revealed through the music. Lastly, “You And I & I” begins at 12:35 as the bass player puts the instrument down and hops around the room and couch before re-joining the amped out guitar-driven intro for a thunderous sound.

Making the most during social distancing restrictions and limitations, Yard Of Blondes collaborated with Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), who produced the Close To Home EP. Mixing is by Mike Patterson (Nine Inch Nails, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Beck) and Maor Applebaum (Faith No More) mastered the recording. The songs from the Close To Home EP and video are actually a taste from the upcoming album Feed the Moon, set for release in 2021.

Yard Of Blondes is Fanny Hill – bass, vocals; Vincent Walter Jacob – guitar, vocals, synths; Burak Yerebakan – guitar; and Forrest Mitchell – drums, vocals.

Look for the Close To Home EP here.

The video for Close To Home is mixed by Vincent Walter Jacob. The mastering is by David Gaume. The signal phasing for the project is superb. Animations at the start of the songs in the video convey the Yard Of Blondes,’ “Distorted, tragic yet beautiful take on reality.”

For more about Yard Of Blondes please visit:

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