Shiny Happy Records’ ‘Split Tape’: Meet The Suncharms, Mirrorlakes

Shiny Happy

Shiny Happy Records-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Pop-Rock, Indie Pop

The idea of spending more time at ease is hard to argue with, considering the current situation at large. Even with widespread political unrest and a global health crisis, music can still trigger a return to pleasant thoughts and cherished memories. In order to get loose and find an easier place to be, skip the naïveté and merely cue up Split Tape:The Suncharms/Mirrorlakes, a six-song album. In a word, chill. But that is just for starters.

Shiny Happy Records’ Spilt Tape begins with The Suncharms’ “Monster Club” and yes, the song literally opens by way of a creaking door. Yet the 3:04 track is anything but terrifying. In fact, the vocals are laid-back and fully accessible, which only adds to the charisma. The tempo is metered with a catchy beat and peppered with melodic electric guitar fills. Listen closely for what seems to be a low playing keyboard. Production is excellent. For summertime listeners, the Sheffield, England band’s “Monster Club” is an easy beach blanket must amid social distancing protocols.

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Another Suncharms winner, “Cosmonaut,” has similar amiable appeal compared to the opening track. Drumming, guitar work and vocals drive the cut. Listen for the thick, shaggy guitar solo at 3:00. Next, “Reflections” sheds acoustic six-string warmth and personality with more of a pop-rock presence than folk.

Released May 23, 2020, Split Tape:The Suncharms/Mirrorlakes contains three songs from each band. Additionally, the collection is available on cassette and a digital album as high-quality MP3, FLAC downloads and more. As for the music, the Indonesia-based Mirrorlakes delivers a heavier guitar tone on the 3:13 “Three Song,” which moves in a stricter cyclic progression. The drumming is well-timed and the vocals provide added subtly to the flow. Creatively speaking, recording electric songs as well as acoustic is a long held unspoken rock tradition which Mirrorlakes seems to be following with “Kosong.” The strong beat against the synced strumming makes for a satisfying mix. Thirdly, “Untitled” is simply a lone guitar.

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