‘Slow Down’ And Enjoy Carmen McLean’s Solo Debut

Carmen McLean-jpg.comFFO: Soft Pop, Radio Friendly Releases

Unplugging from contemporary politics and news about the pandemic is easier said than done. With what seems and feels like anxiety levels at full tilt almost everywhere, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Carmen McLean has a suggestion wrapped inside an original melody which perfectly matches the songstress’s message: “Slow Down.”

Carrying a soft pop hashtag, while the bassline is nicely played and the guitar strumming comfortable and timely, McLean’s vocals are the highlight of the recording. Of course, having written a lovely melody also helps communicate the creativity from within the artist. Released Jul. 1, 2020 and written during the COVID epidemic, “Slow Down” is the result of McLean searching and examining her own feelings while restricted during lockdown. But as a finely formed singer-songwriter, the story within the lyrics does not stop there.

Pushing play on Soundcloud, listen closely during the 2:34 track as McLean changes pronouns, often using “We” and “You” throughout the song. That is the personal connection singer-songwriters typically bring to the musical POV. At the forefront is staying connected to listeners and sharing ideas. Even during lockdown while isolated at home, McLean found an inspiring way to be concerned yet remain connected. The idea has been said before, but perhaps never at so pertinent a time as now. The singer’s feelings become a palpable suggestion within the simple phrase, “We need to slow down.”Carmen McLean-jpg.com

While the singing is sweet and harmonious, in some ways, McLean, a superb violinist, puts forward an indirect question, proposing the possibility that maybe Earth’s population is spinning out of control en masse. Whether the same thing would have happened without the onset of the Coronavirus is anyone’s call. For the meantime, a new reality has set in possessing somewhat of a foreboding air regarding politics and public health. How can an easy going song raise such a serious topic? Therein lies part of the subtle complexity of the Leeds, England-based artist.

So, for listening enthusiasts caught up in today’s fast pace, take a desirable laid-back respite with Carmen McLean’s relaxed “Slow Down.” The results might just turn out to be medicinal.

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Paul Wolfle-jpg.comPaul Wolfle, the publisher of musicinterviewmagazine.com, is a web-based journalist who has written for several popular sites. Paul has a passion for connecting with a diversity of musicians who are looking to grow a positive presence on the World Wide Web.


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