The Ocean Beneath Redefines A Rock Classic

The Ocean

FFO: Electronic, Rock, Classic Rock, Synth

Covering a famous song and injecting the track with newfound conviction takes creativity and vision, as opposed to just remaking the familiar. While credit will always go back to the original, cover songs offer a different perspective which can be a lot of fun, especially when taken by surprise from something unique, like The Ocean Beneath’s “Fortunate Son.”

Tackling Creedence Clearwater Revival’s multi-million selling song in itself is an attention grabber. For anyone familiar with CCR’s 1969 mega hit, smiles of approval should break out after hearing the first ten seconds from The Ocean Beneath’s “Fortunate Son.” Instead of emulating John Fogarty and company, TOB has completely reimagined the previous FM staple into a bigger sound.

Released Jul. 17, 2020, The Ocean Beneath reinterprets “Fortunate Son” in a fundamentally different way with a synth-pop, synth-wave flavor, touching on the best of a retro electronic rock character. Instrumentation is key to the distinctive musical changeup thrown by The Ocean Beneath. With more of a club worthy sound and vibe,The Ocean enthusiasts may wonder if Fogarty’s Willy and the Poor Boys would have taken to the current Ocean Beneath “Fortunate Son” remake. Although rowdy blues rockers, those ideas can be countered with recollections of ZZ Top becoming the darlings of the 1980s dance club scene with “Legs,” from Eliminator. Arcing the narrative and comparison to today’s “Fortunate Son” is made in order to emphasize overcoming musical categories. The Ocean Beneath’s sound easily cuts across overused tags.

Listening to The Ocean Beneath’s “Fortunate Son” can be enjoyed on most any music source, especially larger speaker systems with a nice size sub-woofer. A pair of decent headphones also will do. Sporting an analog aura, The Ocean Beneath has a presence that creates a pleasing impression for all 4:24 yet the instrumentation and arrangement are just half the story. Excellent vocal work typically separates better groups from the pack and The Ocean Beneath is no exception. The singing, featuring Nath Jackson, verges on emotional with a melodic Pink Floyd-ish punch and air. Meanwhile, an outstanding guitar solo takes hold at 2:24.

All things considered, The Ocean Beneath has succeeded in rousing consideration for a brilliant new version of “Fortunate Son.”

“Fortunate Son” is produced by The Ocean Beneath. Additional production is by Grant Henderson @ Loom Studios.; Mastering by Katie Tavini. Guitars are by Mik Crone.

The original song is written by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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The Ocean


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