Zoe Gilby Leads Living In Shadows With New ‘For The Day’ Single

Zoe Gilby-jpg.comFFO: Jazz Pop, English Alt Pop, Prog, Fusion

The saxophone, rhythm battery and frequently ascending vocals lend to a jazz tag, while the melody and overall feel retain a subtle prog pop friendliness. Therein lays just some but not all the charm of Living In Shadows’ “For The Day.” Evoking a newfound sense of development and journey, the sound is bright and alive with motion and tone, presenting a revitalized path for enthusiasts. “For The Day,” from Living In Shadows, has arrived just in time.

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With what listeners might describe as somewhere between fusion and prog, singer Zoe Gilby elevates “For The Day” out of the instrumental category and into a contending jazz pop space. But categorizing is not important. Meanwhile, the vocalist is melodic with a pleasant sophisticated range. Accompanied by Gilby’s husband, double bass player and multi-instrumentalist Andy Champion, the band is rhythmic while exuding a spontaneous yet structured creativeness. Zoe Gilby, Parliamentary Jazz Vocalist Of The Year award winner for 2019, is the difference. Loosely speaking, it is kind of like having Return To Forever, or maybe The Eleventh House, with Gilby covering lead vocals. In order to tap into that same zeitgeist, merely hit play.Zoe Gilby-jpg.com

Available now, “For The Day” is from an album set for release in November 2020. Living In Shadows is the eponymous name of the collection as well as Gilby and Champion’s band project. Keeping that in mind, for Gilby and company, performance and musicianship is the focus. All things considered, goal achieved. Add style and everyone is good to go. Listen for when the lead singer’s vocals climb and then tail off in a slight delay. The accompanying saxophone work is superb. The drums, bass and all other instruments are equally pulsed. Production promotes a fully accessible sound.

According to public relations agent Peter Mann, “Zoe Gilby has a number of upcoming releases throughout the remainder of the year.” Another song, “Sending Electricity,” is scheduled for Sep. 25, 2020. “Both singles are off the upcoming album, Living In Shadows,” explains Mann. Gilby’s website mentions how the recording, “Features eight tracks with a theme of movement and transition.”

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