Finding New Music During a Pandemic: The Tragic Company’s Prog-Rocking Angst

The Tragic Company-jpg.comFFO: Prog-Rock, Hard Rock, Post-Grunge

The urge to make music is so strong, not even the global outbreak of a fast-spreading disease can stop the passion. So is the case with The Tragic Company. The band’s single, “Rotten,” was written and recorded during Southern Spain’s recent COVID quarantine. According to TTC, the track is a commentary on “loneliness, desperation, grief and ultimately hope for a new, better world.” But that is just for starters.

The official video for The Tragic Company’s “Rotten” has everything, including an exciting performance, outstanding song arrangement, melody and plenty of guitars. With that said, the rhythm battery is exceptionally tight yet flexible and not to be taken for granted. The bass is a six-string. While watching, look for the familiar PRS bird inlays on one of the gits. The video for “Rotten,” which premiered May 9, 2020, seems to say the band also is fond of Marshall® amplification, based on the wall posters. So far, so good and things get even better.The Tragic

The vocal work during “Rotten” is vibrant and appealing, on screen and within the recording mix. As for complexity, the 7:25 track even has an acoustic powered interlude which becomes an electric solo before returning for more vocals. No doubt, the imagery helps release the group’s collective character and talent. The footage, sometimes split screen, conveys The Tragic Company’s love for creative expression via amplitude. While the music reflects artistic influences of Tool, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater or perhaps Living Colour, the video has an understated finish, lending to the no nonsense, prog-rocking feel.

Unfortunately, at times, reality can be as weighty as a ton of bricks. During the video for “Rotten,” the bass player is spotted wearing a protective face mask, underlining the severity of the circumstances. In this case, The Tragic Company elevates the dread and hesitation associated with the Coronavirus to progressive rock music intricacies successfully filling any size speaker system or video screen. With what appears to be humbuckers all around on the axes, music production is seamless and instrumentation clearly heard.

The Tragic

Additionally, available Jul. 28, 2020, “Without You” is the latest single from The Tragic Company. Checking out a sample preview on FB, the new cut also has a driving feel where instrumentation and vocals rule. Footage on social media reveals a video for “Without You” is due. As far as which song is better, listeners will have to decide. “Rotten” and “Without You” are on the Wild Punk Records label.

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