Aprilann’s ‘8th of November’ Song: A Memorable Music Experience

Aprilann-jpg.comFFO: Pop-Rock, Singer-Songwriters

While walking into the music video for “8th of November,” scenes from the recording artist’s life flash on a large screen. The vocalist’s outfit is shiny silver, a simple black top underneath. With hair pulled back in an unassuming fashion, a large matching fabric flower, part of the clothing, capably seizes attention. The artist is musician, singer and songwriter Aprilann.

A marked change

Wearing a somewhat nondescript expression, as the intro builds, Aprilann begins singing after :35 or so. The time is well-worth the wait. Pensive and moody, this is not the typical breakup song. The Daytona Beach, Florida-based singer, who also mentions her home town during the lyrics, delivers a style beyond the talented musician’s years, perhaps suggesting Lilly Allen or Taylor Swift. But the music and video are all Aprilann’s. The singer would probably say from her creative, “headspace.”

At 1:23 into the YouTube video, which premiered Sep. 11, 2020, everything changes when the songster drops the unaffected presence via a metamorphic change to a simmering lead singer, complete with sequined dress and maybe an axe to grind. The music and video production are sophisticated butAprilann-jpg.com remain entirely accessible. The song arrangement features drums, contra bass and guitar, adding dimension to the music as well as the artist’s onscreen persona. The clever visual changes are all part of the story Aprilann has to tell.

Strong and sincere emotion

Surrounded by some terrific musicians, though the person Aprilann portrays in song will not be defined by the past, the hurt and pain are obvious while singing, “I wrote you song after song/So when you’re missing me/Just turn your radio on.” A pop-rockish ballad, the narrative and melody are directed at the person being sung about. The general perspective comes from a place of suffering and subsequent transformation. The 3:36 cut has a larger appeal, offering an engaging listening and visual experience.

“8th of November” written by April Ann Panaggio; music production – Toby Scott; mix and mastering – Virag Zsolt.

Drummer – Uros Kis; Contrabass – Lefkotea Harmana; and guitar – Damjan Ilic.


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For more information about Aprilann contact Natasha Anderson at Fine Company tasha@thisisfinecompany.com / +44 7823 339 527


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