Geoff Mull Marks Intense Return With ‘Enough Is Enough’

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Watching the video for “Enough Is Enough,” seeing the singer high up, near the ledge of a tall building, evokes concern and desperation on the part of viewers. The imagery throughout the video is gripping, which only adds to the artist’s focus about domestic violence in reverse. Working with producer Mark Littlemore, Geoff Mull’s “Enough Is Enough,” the first of three tracks, two upcoming, is heard and felt in a serious way. Here is why.

Making an impact

Geoff Mull’s singing is usually strong with direction, even more so during “Enough Is Enough.” Following last year’s “Just Remember,” this time around the singer’s voice, as well as appearance, expresses the possibility of personal recklessness brought on by a sense of grave urgency and distress. The video, which starts out in moody black and white before turning to color at :12, is brilliantly shot, produced and synchronized.

Available as a digital download, for listeners’ searching new artists, “Enough Is Enough” is a smart choice when getting into Mull’s music. The melody alone has a major radio-friendly feel and accessibility. Projecting presence and atmosphere, Mull is a natural fit for FM-dials and larger audiences everywhere. Add how performance and feel shout anthem in a variety of ways and the 3:29 track becomes something singular. Mull’s voice and emphasis surely could be adopted as anthemic. So can his messaging.Geoff

In addition

Music production is transparently effective from start to finish. Listen closely to the slight echo accentuating Mull’s “gh” from the lyric “enough,” during the song refrains’ lingering emotion. That is just one way the artist and the music reach out. Communication is concise, while deeply felt and passionately existent, which comes as no surprise to the singer’s loyally, large fan base.

Looking into the future, according to Mull, “It’s a new push for the remainder of this and into next year.”

“Enough Is Enough” music production by IN THE BOX RECORDING – Mark Littlemore; Video Production by North East Films/8K Studios; Directed by FERSON.

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