Mike & Sam’s ‘By Myself’ Sparkles During Trying Times

Mike & Sam-jpg.comFFO: Pop, Pop Rock Alternative

The two performers suggest making a difference and changing the world through music. That message is felt during the band’s current single, “By Myself.” An original song, the tone, tempo and melody share the duo’s openhearted appeal, lending to more than 60,000 monthly listens on Spotify during October. “By Myself” is personal, yet has widespread understanding, expressing Mike and Sam’s capacity for reaching listeners. Here is how.

Considering the music

The intro to “By Myself” contrasts what follows. The 3:24 cut begins with some neat chord strums and low-keyed lead vocals, solemn and subtle. At :25 the track changes when additional instruments enter and the beat picks up, adding a comfortableMike & Sam-jpg.com drive. The arrangement is clear and easily heard, featuring satisfying electric guitar fills. From an instrumental point of view, the music is balanced and enjoyable. Adding vocals to an already favorable recording only provides another dimension of appreciation.

The singing in “By Myself” enters at :49, conveying a personal feel for the lyrics and music. Together, Mike and Sam’s vocals have that certain touch of authenticity with real music being performed by real musicians. The song slows again to solo vocals before resuming step. An unassuming spirit of humility while striving for creativity flows in and out of the playing and singing. On the rise while staying true to their art is the impression ringing true with every play of “By Myself.”

About the artists

The Burlington, Massachusetts-based pair debuted in June 2020 with “Without You,” followed by “By Myself,” released Sep. 25, 2020. Both are originals, but the duo also records cover songs, including Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow.”

Mike and Sam are Mike Melanson and Sam Mirra.

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