The Banshees’ ‘Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo’: In-House Thoughts About Ongoing Circumstances

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The wail of a Banshee is said to have mystical power able to heighten the emotions for most anyone within hearing range. The legendary creature’s long high-pitched noise has been described, as among others, howling, screaming and sometimes shrieking, while always evoking a reaction.

Hold on, because there is another type of banshee, the kind that rocks.

Sometimes warmed after downing a bit of Jägermeister Cold Brew®, or perhaps a brief pick-up boxing match, surely with gloves, The Banshees define recording artist autonomy. Hailing from Liverpool, England, the band’s current single, “Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo,” has an accompanying trippy lyric video, concentrated on a single face. All sight, sound and intensity are by The Banshees. But for anyone thinking this is where the story begins, think again.

Listening to the music

Taking “Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo” out for a spin on Apple Music via headphones, the opening ten seconds of the intro begin with single string electric picking, enticing in tone as well as capacity. The guitar play is assisted by a swift rhythm battery firing away in rapid succession. The 3:33 cut’s tempo is funky but rocked, adding to the atmospherics. Fitting together in the quickened time signature, the lead vocalist dives into the flow withoutThe hesitation. For enthusiasts who enjoy The Strokes, Johnny Marr, The Cure, New Order and Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo” is entirely The Banshees, literally, from the writing, recording and performance to final mix down and mastering. Even the videography is done by The Banshees.

About the song

Created during the height of the pandemic lockdown, “Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo” channels an emotional mindset occupied with impatience and frustration about continuing conditions regarding the pandemic, identifiable by most everyone anywhere. The vocals help give form to punkish filled anxiety and external hindrance, all thanks to COVID. Think of the singing as leading the music that takes listeners on an emotional release from the current situation at large.

The official lyric video for “Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo,” is highly stylized and almost psychedelic. During the music, words flash over colorized reverse negative imagery in gold, pink and purple hues, sometimes with blue. The lone face appears throughout, often close-up, conveying exasperation. All things considered, mission accomplished.

The Banshees are Vinny Pereira – vocals, rhythm guitar; and Paul Anthony Holligan – lead guitar.


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