The Ellameno Beat’s ‘Break Through’: A Shared Desire

The Ellameno Beat-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Psychedelic, Sonic, COVID Era

The latest from The Ellameno Beat speaks to contemporary listeners in several ways. Written, performed, recorded and mixed by multi-instrumentalist Reggie Froom, with help from Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Greg Calbi, “Break Through” is the result of being isolated during the COVID pandemic and wanting to express those feelings. Most anyone abiding by social distancing’s code of behavior probably can identify. Though there is more to the musical message during “Break Through,” from The Ellameno Beat.

Commonality of emotion in a song

Taking on a wider appeal, The Ellameno Beat wants to “Break Through” the situation at large, once and for all. The Jacksonville, Florida-based band is expressing something that remains on many minds. Declaring an end to quarantines, mask requirements and the entire lot is turning into a mutual yearning. Remoteness and the need for connection likewise have become typical hindrances. The Ellameno Beat has put that sentiment to music in “Break Through.” According to Froom, recording the song hasThe Ellameno provided a personal, creative release to “navigate the societal complications of COVID-19.” In turn, he has made a piece of music that speaks for others as well.

                                          About the music

After a brief intro, the 3:17 track begins with a beat driving, prompting the music to flow by way of a rapid time signature. The rhythm battery is tight and terrific, adding punch but with finesse. Generally speaking, the instrumentation is played well, adding a buoyant rock quality. The other highlight that immediately jumps out is the singing. While The Ellameno Beat’s music category tags include psychedelic and space rock, the lead vocalist’s range has a classic FM dial, top-forty chart charisma.

Released Oct. 30, 2020, as for arrangement, listen closely at :55 when a wicked lead solo riff swoops in, rendering the cut a serious contender. At 1:14 the atmosphere starts getting a bit trippy, which continues to the end.

The Ellameno Beat is a music project by multi-instrumentalist and producer Reggie Froom. Much like Fripp’s Crimson, Froom also brings his soundscapes and vocals to live audiences with a full band.

For more about The Ellameno Beat, please contact:

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