Bought It For The Bottle Creates ‘Statues’ With Original Musicianship and Harmonies

Bought It For The Bottle-jpg.comFFO: Rock

Though the lyrics reveal a song about the end of a struggling relationship, the music delivers a rousing beat and attitude during “Statues,” the latest from Bought It For The Bottle. On the Not Yet Records label, with a rock drive and chord movement, at times the 3:12 track emits somewhat of an RnB-ish feel. Solid songwriting and a dedicated performance only describes some of the story about “Statues.” Here is why.

A musical overview

Polished and hungry, “Statues” is more than an indication that Bought It For The Bottle continues moving in all the right directions. Capturing the group’s popular pre-COVID level onstage presence and vigor, BIFTB channels a similar musical charm in the studio. Following a brief four-second drum riff, a steady beat settles in and so does the band. Released Oct. 24, 2020, taking “Statues” out for a spin at SoundCloud, first through external speakers and then headphones, the instrumentation is balanced but exciting and rocked; definitely a team effort.Bought It For The

Further indication

After setting the music, the vocals and backing harmonies enter with distinction. Strong and radio friendly, the singing in “Statues” is entirely accessible and the cut ready for multiple replays. The lead singer’s vocals are in a pleasant range, adding to the recording’s appeal. The combined character of the vocals and playing similarly is inviting. Performance from every angle is impressive. The arrangement is above and beyond the usual overexposed song familiarity. Checking out the accompanying music video for “Statues,” Bought It For The Bottle is having fun, a reflection, no doubt, of the band’s amusing collective mindfulness. At about 1:42 into “Statues,” the words hit, hard to resist and replay come to mind.

Bought It For The Bottle is Liam Talbot – vocals, bass; Jack Dwyer – guitar; Bradley Cox – guitar; and Christopher Seaman – drums.

If the pandemic ever lets up, perhaps enthusiasts will be able to watch and listen to Bought It For The Bottle live, once again at venues like London’s legendary Fiddler’s Elbow, Reading’s contemporary Facebar or maybe The Boileroom in Guildford.

For more about Bought It For The Bottle, please visit:

Artist’s Official Website






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