Music Preview: Leo Viridi Is Back With ‘The World Keeps Turning’

Multi-instrumental lead guitarist and songwriter ready to release new four-song concept EP

FFO: Heavy Metal, Prog Rock, Hard Rock

In addition to writing the lyrics and performing the music, including guitars and bass, recording artist Leo Viridi recruited Henning Basse (ex-Firewind) to provide the vocals and Devin Mysyk for production of The World Keeps Turning. Available Dec. 11, 2020, the collection follows Viridi’s impressive solo debut, LV1.

Leo Viridi’s latest is not just about terrific guitar solos and keeping electric axe culture alive and well. The musician adds depth to the four songs’ sonic profile by applying imagination and telling a story about navigating through life in general. According to Viridi, the focus of the EP suggests, “Understanding the world for what it is.” The cutLeo “In My Eyes, I See,” accurately nails the concept merely with its title.

The complete track listing is:

  1. “Break From Gravity”
  2. “In My Eyes, As I See”
  3. “Untold Millions”
  4. “The World Keeps Turning”

About the music

Following the songs in order, “Break From Gravity” is thickly amped and tight in tone and movement, leaning towards a heavy metal tag. With the rhythm pounding away, the lead vocals help point the music toward a rather eviler sounding side. Also, listen closely at 3:07 for the fret-filled solo. Meanwhile, Basse’s vocals bring Viridi’s musical ideas to fruition and then some.

Next up, “In My Eyes, As I See,” roars with musicianship and volume. The drumming and bass play rip away as Basse delivers emphasis and vocal power. Of course, the picking is stellar, especially at the 3:00 mark. The 4:36 cut races with the wind as Viridi pours it on. At 4:22, “Untold Millions” flies with the same grade of jet fuel. The title track’s intro begins with a rapid fire bassline before all the instruments join forces for a rousing 8:15 album finale. The mix is terrific. At 6:30, the vocals and what sounds like keyboards, lend classic hard rock appeal.

Look for The World Keeps Turning,” by Leo Viridi.

**See our review of Viridi’s LV1 album.**

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