Convincing Classic Remakes: Falling Nine’s ‘Fox On The Run’

Welsh rockers record contemporary rendition of 1970s chart-topper

Falling Nine-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Classic Rock, Glam Rock, FM Friendly

Loud guitars, exciting synth work, great timing, excellent production and bold vocals all lend to the solid rock appeal during “Fox On The Run,” from Falling Nine. Though the song is easily enjoyed with any listening device, for ideal results, turn up the volume on a pair of good sized stereo speakers and let the music take hold. Most likely, listening only once will not be enough of the 3:34 track.

Background story

Sweet’s 1974 top-selling mega-hit is a favorite with the members of Falling Nine. According the Cardiff-based band, three little words are all it took to persuade the duo to undertake the project: “Fancy recording it?” Plus, after Falling Nine frontman David Lydiard watched John Frusciante and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ interpretation of “Fox On The Run,” there was no turning back. Teaming with multi-instrumentalist Steven Watts, the two musicians, who have known each other since youth, recorded the track during the COVID crisis. As is often the case, while coping with the isolation of social lockdown restrictions, musicians have not let the ongoing pandemic stifle making music, Falling Nine included.

About the recording

Maintaining tradition and a product of their respective influences, enthusiasts should get ready for the impressive ringing melodies characterizing Falling Nine’s “Fox On The Run.” Beyond the vocal strength, the remake sears with hi-gain intensity. Listen for the sizzling guitar solo, courtesy of Justin Larner.The rhythm section is similarly adept and punchy, while the synthesizer adds fullness, imparting entirety to the sound. Putting everything together, Falling Nine evokes a bit of an anthemic feel without actually having to go to the arena.

“Fox On The Run” is Falling Nine’s first release since 2016’s Atonement EP.

Falling Nine is David Lydiard – vocals, guitars, synths; Steven Watts – guitars, bass and drums. Guitar solo for “Fox On The Run” – Justin Larner.

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