The K.I.D.’s A Definite Champ With ‘Crawling Back To You’

FFO: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R’n’B, Soul

The K.I.D.-jpg.comInstrumentals are great, yet vocals typically can create the most opportunities for a song. So make way for the new guard, because The K.I.D. now has arrived. Music without the singing might be like a pizza without the cheese, but not so with The K.I.D., or King In Distress. With an approach along the lines of where pop, rock, hip hop, R’n’B and soul meet, get ready for “Crawling Back to You.”

Finding an artist and hearing their song for the first time can be something exciting, which is the feeling received from The K.I.D.’s “Crawling Back to You.” A solemn electric guitar intro, beautifully played, sets the mood to the 3:13 track. The six-string opening is clean and rather bluesy, like single coils versus humbuckers. The quality conveys an honest, professional presence, only adding to the suspense of what’s to follow. At: 17 The K.I.D. enters with an edgy, modern delivery singing “Oh-h-h, feels like I’m mistreated and abused” as a deep rich bassline sets the groove. Firsthand experience indicates the striking, thick bassline sounds excellent on large woofers or decent headphones.

Right away, The K.I.D.’s engaging funkiness comes through in a melodic, winning way, lending a tough but sensitive charisma to “Crawling Back to You.” What sets King in Distress apart from the rest is a particular firmness which flows from every measure and lyric. Likewise, The K.I.D. remains connected to the words and melody at all times without a hitch. During “Crawling Back to You,” an original song, Distress definitely sounds like he owns the verses as well as the reality oozing from the stanzas as the musician sings “It’s okay/I know/I Guess I get it.”The

At times, “Crawling Back to You” throws off a reggae-ish sensation which augments that radio-friendly groove. In fact, The K.I.D. reaches across several music charts with a solid time signature, rhythm battery and overall effort. The basic formula is simple yet effective and even somewhat refreshing; guitar, drums, bass and vocals. But adding The K.I.D.’s musical sensitivity and voice ratchets things up a notch. The singer’s tone resides in a comfortable range throughout the track, precisely front and center. Another highlight needing mention is the recording production. The instruments come across as clear and separated while never overtaking The K.I.D.’s vocals. Released Dec. 7, 2019, “Crawling Back To You” is a recommended listening choice.

“Crawling Back To You” is produced by Nota LNC Records and Pacific Music.

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Reprinted from January 2020


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