Ruzz Guitar Introduces ‘The Instrumental Sounds Of…’ Song Collection

Fretster records, mixes and masters new album featuring an array of styles and various musicians

FFO: Blues, R’n’B, Surf, Swing, Rockabilly, Rock, Sax

The new album from Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Review is partially a result of the COVID pandemic. With places mostly everywhere experiencing a standstill and often blanketed in isolation as a result of the continuing set of circumstances, Ruzz has turned the tables on the situation at large. Proof can be heard in the ten songs from The Instrumental Songs Of…

Listening to the album, guitar aficionados surely will take to the six-string song listing like a magnet. Other descriptions of the music might include vintage, classic or authentic. Available Dec. 6, 2020, any which way the cuts are looked at and listened to, the consistency is in the musicianship behind the instruments. No wonder Ruzz Guitar is Gretsch® endorsed.

The overview       

Getting down to specifics, “Hold Fast” leads off the album complete with single string runs, reminiscent of a classic 1960s guitar record. Meanwhile, bright brass and a tight rhythm section cruise in the fast lane throughout the ride. The arrangement and combination of instruments have the earmarks of contemporary polish. Though COVID kept the album lineup hunkered down in respective places, each musician’s part is excellently recorded and produced.

Recruiting impressive personnel from both sides of the Atlantic, the second track, “Swing Thing,” absolutely grooves and rolls with electric guitar leads and lightning phrases by USA-based Jessica Kaczmarek. Not much time to breath during this romp. Skins, bass and brass combine for a 4:05 music party. Skipping around the song list, “Swinging G String,” has a Brian Setzer fret-side energy. As if that was not enough, listen at 1:37 for a terrific trumpet lead. In addition to the brass on the album, track six, “Jump In,” has a harmonica honking out a lead at 1:58.

Each song on Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Review’s The Instrumental Side Of… possesses a personality all its own. Sometimes the guitar, at others maybe a sax, trumpet, piano, or harmonica step in while the rhythm battery holds the cut together. There is no weak link here.

Meet the band

The band personnel on The Instrumental Side Of… is Ruzz Guitar – UK, all tracks; Michael Gavaghan – UK, sax all tracks except 5, 10; Eddie John – UK, drums on tracks 3,6,7; Mike Hoddinott – UK, drums, percussion on tracks 4,7; Chris Smith – USA, bass all tracks; Greg Mitchell – USA, drums on tracks 1,2,5,8,9,10; Jack Jowers – UK, trumpet all tracks except 5, 10; Jessica Kaczmarek – USA, guitar on track 2; Mike Malone – USA, piano on track 10; Pete Gage – UK, piano on track 6; and Jerry Tremaine – UK, harmonica on track 6.

Management/Booking/Press: Ruzz Evans


For more, please visit the artist’s official website

Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Review – The Instrumental Sounds Of… is available for download/stream at all major online stores.



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